Did Adolf Hitler really have a micropenis as online articles claim?

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  • No but he had some problems

    His family was weird and he was a bizarre person. The only thing he had going for him was that he could speak and move a crowd. Even after gaining power and becoming an Icon he had problems with the ladies. Again I do not think he had physically problems but he was not of a normal mind. Plus he did a lot of drugs and that did a lot of harm to him.
    World war 2 would have happened with or without him he was not some great leader just a face for the party.

  • Even if he did, For which there is seemingly little conclusive evidence, It would not matter.

    Obviously I do not know literally about the size of Hitler's penis or of the way he psychologically dealt with it, If at all. What strikes me about this hypothesis is that, Similarly to the Billy Goat Bite hypothesis, It seems a massive extrapolation and of little to no value to explaining why he did the things he did. Setting aside that there seems to be little we can actually do to verify or refute this hypothesis, It seems to stem from a particularly desperate branch of holocaust explanation theory which tries far too hard to find any and all reason for Hitler's amorality. Hitler did what he did, More or less, Because he saw an opportunity to gain power in the demoralized post WW1 Germany, And, Coupled with a strong eugenic worldview arguably informed by a misanthropy toward traditional religious structures(despite his invocation of Christian values in his speeches), Took it. Perhaps, Say, Hitler had manhood problems, And these psychological conditions passively enhanced his radical bent. That is the most aggressive stance I am willing to take as of now toward the possibility. The idea of contextualizing any of his actions, However, In terms of such speculative claims misses the point that someone does not become such an icon of evil due appreciably to such factors.

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