Did Alan Greenspan do a good job of managing the United States economic system while he was in office?

  • Alan Greenspan Did Best He Could

    Alan Greenspan did the best he could from 1987 to 2006 when he was the head of the Federal Reserve. He lead the nation's economic policy out of the recession in the mid-1980s into the boom of the mid-1990s. He left office just in time to avoid the Great Recession of 2007 and 2008. Overall, he did the best he could with what he was given. Had he known the coming recession was on its way, perhaps he would have done more to save the economy before leaving the Fed.

  • Alan Greenspan Was Awesome

    Alan Greenspan received so much notoriety for his work that he was sometimes referred to as a "rock star." This clearly was not a result of his personality or his outward appearance which has always been extremely conservative. I believe he did an excellent job at managing the United States economic system during his time in office. How I wish he would return or we could get a younger carbon copy!

  • Our debt then

    Yes, while this man was in office the United States was doing great. We did not have hardly any debts when compared to the amount that we have now. We need to get another man like Alan in office to lead our economic system, and build it back to what it was.

  • He did his best

    Greenspan did his best, but his points of view were very off, and he, most importantly, was completely blind to the financial crisis. People think Greenspan stood to gain from the crash, but the reality is far simpler - he did not know what was going on on his watch.

  • No, Alan Greenspan did not manage the economy well

    No, Alan Greenspan made the economy worse. He lowered interests rates. This means that interest rates must go up in order for our economy to recover which is paradoxical. Also he allowed the housing bubble to happen with those interest rates. Alan Greenspan did not regulate the economy and felt that business should regulate themselves. This led to the 2008 housing bubble crash.

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