Did Alberto Rivera affect policy in the Catholic Church before he died?

  • It probably did

    Maybe because of how much attention he drew towards the Catholic Church, Alberto Rivera could have arguably had some sort of affect on them and their policies. Many people believe Rivera made good sense and so the church probably decided to change some things do counter his accusations and conspiracy theories.

  • Alberto Rivera was like an artist with success.....

    Alberto Rivera did effect change within the Catholic Church. However, much of his theories were held within tight private archives until after his death. This is when the exposure and policy changes really began to occur. So, much like an artist who lives modestly his whole life, his art does not truly have an impact until after he is dead and no one has to admit to him how right, or smart he actually was.

  • Former Jesuit Died in Disgrace

    Alberto Rivera did little to affect policy in the Catholic Church before his death in Oklahoma. Rivera was a disgraced Jesuit who claimed the Vatican was a part of several conspiracies that suppressed the truth. Rivera's widow claims he was poisoned by Catholics before his death. Despite making allegations against the Vatican, the former priest didn't do much to change the Pope's ways.

  • The peoples believe

    No, he did not affect policy in the Catholic church before he died, and the church has been running the same way, and following the same traditions, for a very long time now. He did not have a huge affect on the Catholic Church, and one single man can not do much.

  • Alberto Rivera didn't affect anything for Catholics.

    We're talking about Alberto Rivera, the man who credits the Catholic Church for inventing Islam, Naziism, Communism, and homosexuality? The man who claims that the Charismatic Movement is a front for the Catholics? The man portrayed in conspiracy bible tracts by Jack Chick? The only thing that Mr. Rivera affected or effected as far as the Catholics were concerned were peals of derisive laughter.

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