• Yes, Alfonso Riberio deserved to win DWTS

    Alfonso Riberio deserved to win Dancing with the Stars. He is a very good dancer and he worked hard for it. He is also likable and people were able to connect with him. I believe he was better than his competition and more fun to watch so I support his win.

  • Dancing with the Stars

    Alfonso Riberio deserved to win Dancing with the Stars because he worked through back trouble amongst other ailments that were reported. Every ounce of his being was hurled into his dances. He never slacked or tried to take it easy because of his pain. Many other contestants would have quit or complained the entire time. He should be praised for a consistently great dance performance plus, the complications he worked hard to overcome.

  • Yes because he did everything what the jury and coach told him to do.

    Many times in life the winner is not the person who seems to be the best, but the person who shows consistency and put his/her best in something. Alfonso Riberio did that. He listened to suggestions and applied them in hi competition. He consistently tried to improve and never gave up. That is why he won Dancing with the Stars. That is why you and I can succeed in life if we are consistent and we do the daily things without giving up.

  • Yes, Alfonso Riberio deserved winning Dancing with the Stars.

    Yes, Alfonso Riberio deserved to win Dancing with the Stars. He performed the most consistently and at the highest level during the show. Also, he appeared to improve the most over the duration of the current season. A number of other competitors were a close second but did not deserve to win in the end.

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