• Tragically, It's True

    I mean, it's true that pretty much any retailers do. It's a business thing. But it doesn't make it right. But yeah they exploited Bowie, and raised the prices astronomically on all of his albums. The sad thing is so many people bought into it, with albums being EXTREMELY difficult to get your hands on right after he died.

  • Yes they did

    Since David Bowie's Passing people have been selling his albums for a stupid price even though they usaully about £10-£20 for an album depending what you get and where you get it from.
    I think David would love his album to have a lot of sales but expoliting artists because they have passed away is wrong.
    R.I.P David Bowie

  • Wouldn't Anyone Do the Same?

    You know, I was thinking about this earlier today: it's the same with Alan Rickman. Rest In Peace. He's got a new movie coming out soon, an animated one, and I saw it and thought: "Wow! I bet those producers are having a field day, because that's the last film Alan Rickman will ever be a part of." It'll be a huge hit at the cinemas, I'm sure. And the same with Bowie. And Michael Jackson. And so on. Amazon (and iTunes) exploited the sudden upsurge in demand for Bowie's music because, frankly, they'd be foolish not to - it was a huge financial boon for them.

  • Amazon exploits David Bowie

    Of course Amazon and any other retailer who was able to exploited David Bowie's death to make sales. The purpose of retail outlets is to sell products. They will exploit anything and everything to make a sale. Sometimes the exploitation is less obvious than other times. Sometimes it is more tasteful. It is still exploitation.

  • Of course they did

    Amazon is a master of self promotion. Of course they promoted David Bowie's death to sell his albums. Why would anyone be shocked that this company would do that? Jeff Bezos has already announced he'd love to rule the world. Amazon will do anything it can to help self promote.

  • Good Buisness Sense

    Although the passing of any artist, musician or otherwise, effects and hurts us all, it is not exploitative to use the recent passing of a musician to sell their work. Although it is a dirty tactic, it is common practice to use emotion to sell a product. It may be exploitative of the timing, Bowie's death, or both, but it is not directly exploiting David Bowie.

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