• Yes of course they did.

    All rumors against this have previously been debunked, that is a solid FACT. Not only have all the Moon landing conspiracy theories been debunked the Apollo team left evidence on the moon that they were there! If you don't believe me then go ahead and check some of the numerous debunking's that have been done of the years.

  • Yes, I believe the moon landing was real.

    Even though we were in a space race, so the argument exists that the moon landing didn't really happen, I personally believe that it did. There would be far too many people in on an elaborate hoax, with no one ever slipping up. Anything people have argued, like about the fact that the flag was waving (the movement was just reacting to being placed on the moon) have been argued away. Additionally, the astronauts were intelligent professionals, and I feel they were trustworthy men.

  • Twelve Men Landed

    The entire country of America didn't land on the moon, but 12 American astronauts did. There were six successful missions to the lunar surface between July 1969 (Apollo 11) and December 1972 (Apollo 17). Lunar samples were returned, scientific equipment was left behind and a laser reflector was made available to conduct tests for decades to come. Yes, there were successful moon missions as part of the Cold War. With the advent of private space ventures, such landings won't happen again for a long time.

  • Enough with the conspiracy theories.

    America absolutely landed on the moon. There is empirical evidence that wee were there. Grab a telescope and point it at the moon. There is no reason we would have faked it, at all. And if we did fake it don't you think Russia would have been quick to point it out?

  • We Made It To The Moon

    I do believe that America actually landed on the moon. I think it is sad that we are going to have to fund another mission to the moon, in the future, just to prove this point and take another picture of the flag. There was a space race going on, it wasn't about lying, it was about making it to the moon first and we won.

  • America Landed on Moon

    Of course, American landed on the moon back in the late 1960s. The country has video evidence along with the personal accounts of astronauts. There's no reason to believe that the landing was faked in any way. In reality, only conspiracy theorists are willing to push such accusations into the media.

  • The USSR would know if we weren't there

    Seriously though, on top of the fact that the mirrors left on the moon to prove that we were there, we also in the middle of the cold war. If the US faked being on the moon the USSR would have known and obviously would have pointed it out to the world...

  • This Has Been Debunked

    The myth that America didn't actually land on the moon has been debunked by many people, including the people on "Mythbusters" who used several methods to test the theories behind the myths. Every single time a theory was presented as to how America supposedly did not go to the moon, the "Mythbusters" debunked it.

  • Very clear evidence

    Fire a laser at the reflectors we left there, watch the reflection come back. Look at all the arguments of the other side, and look at all the strong and equally, if no more valid counterarguments. Learn to accept the crowning achievement of your species - have more faith in humanity.

  • America is a country

    Being a country America could not land on the moon. Counties on the whole do not travel very far, except for perhaps continental drift, even this would take some time to reach the moon : )

    This site requires very carefully considered and precise language or you will lose through semantics.

  • No, photographic evidence led us to believe we did not land on the moon.

    It is highly impossible that we could've landed on the moon with the technology we had during 1969. In the photographs that were taken on the moon, the surface was way to bright for it to only come from one light source. There had to be other light sources enhancing the light, since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's shadows were facing in two diffrent directions. The foreground of the moon was also way to bright to come from only the sun. Additionally, in all of the photos taken on the moon, there are no stars in the backgrounds of any of them. This leads us to believe that the moon "landing" of 1969 was filmed on a Hollywood set.

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