Did America attack China with the Corona Virus?

Asked by: IsmaelQ2
  • Read the official records

    After a huge legal fight some documents were released by the US GOV. Go read them and see the truth.
    But if you are too lazy and too trusting then this guy did the reading. He is Leonard Horowitz and he made the Documentary "In lies we Trust CIA ect"
    Horowitz became too new age, But those documents don't lie.

    The government has been making and testing new bio weapons. Corona Virus is what both nations have. The virus is way to perfect. It spread quickly and it can be asymptomatic or deadly. Plus the USA has motive.

    The orange man can hurt china's economy and he can cause the Americans to cry for sealed borders. Never have I seen American rush to become north korea. Sealed borders, No international trading, No contact with the outside world, And dissenters and political opponents become prosecuted in the name of peace.

  • Yes yes yes

    America have the coronavirus type A. China only have type B, Which is the variation from type A. I'm not sure America used coronavirus as bioweapon but I'm pretty sure it originated from American. At lease US hide the truth before that they already found cases of coronavirus before it spread in China / they didn't even test it before

  • Ree ree ree

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  • No, For several reasons.

    Explain why America has so many cases if they were trying to weaponize this so-called “biotechnological weapon”. Secondly, How come America is recovering at a slower rate than China, If America attacked China shouldn’t China be having a slower recovery rate? And how come we don’t have this vaccine if we were the ones to “use” this weapon.

  • US wouldn't use a biological attack

    There is no reason why the US would attack China with a virus. If US wanted to attack China it would do it with with it's army or with economical sanctions. A biological attack is something a small enemy would do because it lacks the proper army to directly fight China.

  • You cannot weaponize a viral infection yet

    If America attacked China with COVID-19, Then it would result in more cases in China than we have seen. The numbers don't support the ridiculous claim that we attacked China. Plus, If we did, Then we would have seen more cases and several peaks than normal, As weaponized biological agents are likely more infectious then say Ebola or avian influenzas

  • No I don’t think so

    I say this because United States would have had Coronavirus in the first place and that would mean the virus would start from the U. S and not China. And any ways the U. S would have had more cases than China would have in the first place. So no I don’t think so.

  • No it didn’t

    America did not attack China with the coronavirus it was the population of the world and of course it was China who started the whole thing and of course China was sued because of it starting the coronavirus ok ok so yeah my final answer is no and America did not attack China with the coronavirus bye bye

  • America had nothing to do with this, Population and nature did.

    China has 20% of the worlds population, And experts believe the corona virus mutation started in a meat market in Wuhan. One does not have 20% of the worlds population and not have more deaths if there is an epidemic outbreak.

    Guess what this virus is everywhere now! Including America. This is a wake up call from nature to modern society.

    This is why it's popularly called the Wuhan virus. Anything else is conspiracy theory nonsense.

    Https://www. Businessinsider. Com/wuhan-coronavirus-chinese-wet-market-photos-2020-1

  • Because no, Why

    That is no, Just why. Lol.

    Edit: nI realized tyhat i need 37 more words so.
    Lol lol lol lol olo lol lol ree ree ree reee loll loll America dosent do that, Lol lol lol why lol, They wouldnt do that because it affects america yeahhh lol ree lol

  • This is all a covered-up

    China blaming America for the accident. . . A bio-Weapon that kills thousands shouldn't be made in the first place. . . The World Health Organization are praising China for the handling the Virus. . How is this right. Nothing but rumors & lies the communist party are doing they will be the ones that will attack West with the virus when the time comes.

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