• Yes, and we did so very directly.

    We funded, trained, and armed the Afghan Mujahideen in our attempts against the Soviet Union. Al Qaeda was a movement that was born from the Mujahideen; Supported by many of the same people who headed the Mujahideen. We supported them against the Soviets, but later, they utilized our funds, training, and arms against the US. They started doing to us what we trained them to do against the Soviets.

  • No. This question is flawed.

    If Al Qaeda formed because they hate the US, that's on them. Not us.

    If Person A hates Person B, so Person A forms hate group towards Person B and starts killing everyone, Person B isn't responsible.

    I can't make an anti-China group, and start bombing China, claiming it's their fault for making me hate them.

    Hate towards US created Al Qaeda =/= The US created Al Qaeda

    Besides, Al Qaeda was formed in 1988, before the US first went to war in the Middle East in Desert Storm. This is a typical case of blaming the Victim for the Attackers crime because hating on the Attacker has become too mainstream.

  • America didn't intentionally create them

    We didn't directly fund them during the fight with the Soviet occupation, we sent funding to Pakistan, which was allowed to fund them and select volunteers as it pleased.

    Osama bin Laden wasn't known to the U.S. during the Russian occupation.

    Al Qaeda wasn't founded until 1988, after the Soviet occupation had begun withdrawing.

    If someone betrays someone or murders someone it is not the victim's fault, it is the perpetrator's fault. Al Qaeda blatantly murdered numerous American and Middle Eastern people in cold blood.

    The idea that only America plots terrorist acts that occur against it is not credible, not by researchers, not by government, not by formal criminal investigation, plenty of people grasp for the idea that we created al qaeda as a desperate attempt to save their fringe conspiracy worldview after being thoroughly debunked on the idea that the American Government perpetrated 9/11 on its own people for some abstract form of economic gain, when in fact, it hurt America plenty more than anything else.

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-15T18:33:07.777
It is not crystal clear, but evidence supports that it was a defensive reaction and rallying alliance in the Afghan region after the attack, attempted occupation, and subsequent withdrawal of Russian forces in the region. American covert and special operations may have supported the rebel mujahadeen during their struggle against their more powerful foreign invaders, much like the current affairs in Syria and other similar countries. It is in the realm of possibility that the mujahadeen fighters PERCEIVED the presence of American soldiers in their homeland as one occupation traded for another, even though the intention was to actually assist their rebellion. This misperception in conjunction with some posdible missteps due to cultural unawareness of the military and soldiers on the ground may have fanned the flame of Al Qaeda.