Did America really start off as a Catholic country?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Because Anglicanism is inherently Catholic

    I think the above statement might have been what triggered the Great Rivival and persecution. Before Catholics came to this country, there was already bigotry against other religions. The Church of England, which many of the early presidents were members of, is Catholic. The main thing is confession, which is not a Protestant thing. There is a mass, which is also not Protestant. There are sacraments. Many things which seperate this from Protestantism. The founding of this church was not for Reformation but because a King didn't agree with the Pope.

  • Not even Anglican

    Many of the founding fathers were not Anglican at all. As "ModernMichael" pointed out, some were even deists.

    However, even the Puritans were not Catholics!
    On the Yes side of this debate, "Adam2" is missing critical pieces of history. To this day Anglicans debate whether they are Catholic of Protestant; however, even if you consider Anglicans to be Catholic, the Puritans who first settled American in New England (Not Counting Jamestown) were definitely not Catholic.

    Literally the entire point of Puritanism was to "purify" the Anglican church by removing any remaining Catholic elements. Those are the ones who came on the Mayflower.

    At best, the early roots of what would become the US were mixed between Protestants in the North and Anglicans in the South. Anglicans at that time generally did not consider themselves Catholic. Even if they had, you would still have the Northern Protestants.

  • America was and always is a secular nation

    Founding Fathers such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, etc were deist and the constitution said that there may be no law favoring religion nor that America is a Christian nation. The First Amendment stated that there may be no law favoring or discriminating religion and we also have the Separation of Church and State.

  • No of course not

    The United States was founded as a secular state with a non religious constitution which as Jefferson put it creates a wall between church and state. Also the populace was mostly made out of people who either practiced no religion or practiced a religion that was persecuted in Europe. Fewer people went to church then than do today and there were very few Catholics in the U.S at the time. The founding Fathers who were deists or atheists wrote up the basis four our country which is a secular one.

  • No, it didn't. Very simple argument.

    Thomas Jefferson, one of America's founding fathers, was a Deist. Additionally, he created the VA Statue for Religious Freedom; emphasis on Freedom. America was not founded on Catholicism. It never has been a Catholic country, and with the decline of the church, it most likely never will be one. Sorry.

  • Treaty of Tripoli

    The first treaty with Muslims Organization during its founding years, was that united states clearly is not a religious nation, but secular. It was ratified by the congress and signed by the president. . The founding fathers were agnostics at best, diest and worse and installed a seperatio of church vs state

  • No, it did not.

    I may not be an American, but I am pretty sure the United States were (or is it "was"?) not founded as a Catholic nation. In response to the religious oppression in Europe, the founding fathers created a secular country in which religion would only be practiced on an individual basis; the government does not have the right to favor a religion over another, hence the first amendment.

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This is to challenge the perceptions of America being Catholic...