Did America respond well to 9/11 through the War on Terror?

  • Yes, America responded well to the 9/11 War on Terror.

    The 9/11 War on Terror was an extremely catastrophic event for the people of America to deal with. Given the circumstances, I believe that the people handled the issue as well as any other group of people would have. Americans showed courage, understanding, and they prospered through the event to today.

  • Yes I do

    The many people, such as firemen, gave up their lives to save others. The people of the American government went into panic. This is partially good because the safety of the US went up. Although a lot of money was spent, this is good for safety. 9/11 was a harsh time for the USA they got through it well.

  • No, Terrorists were created mostly by the CIA

    The only thing hijacked on 9-11 was patriotism itself. Turns out patriotism is a dangerous thing when the threat comes from within, a side affect the Nations framer could not have seen coming. The PNAC Report published 1 year before the alleged attack stated. The process for a New World Order will be a long and difficult one without another catalyzing event like another Pearl Harbor. They got there Pearl Harbor. Al Qaeda in Arabic means "the list" it was founded by the CIA to assemble a force to fight back the invading Russian Army in the 80's, giving Russia there own Vietnam. This to destabilize the Nation leading to it's ultimate collapse leaving just 1 world super power. Terrorists have been recruited, trained, funded and armed by the CIA ever since and have been used many times to attack the U.S. as a way to take away more of our Freedoms and Liberties for security. American's have been bamboozled. If this is not realized soon it will be too late. Fascism has already been ushered into America under a cloak of National Security hidden in the Patriot Act as a result of the biggest false flag operation on 9-11. The CIA is the biggest drug cartel in the world importing most of the black tar heroine which has reached epidemic proportions since we invaded Afghanistan. The poppy fields Al Qaeda had wiped out are in full operation now protected using U.S. soldiers.

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