Did America's downfall begin when rap was recognized as an "art form"?

Asked by: JustCheNo
  • Is Rap Ruining America? Or Is Rap Just A Reflection/Product Of America In Ruins?

    Most rapper (like Obama's best friend Jay Z) started off as drug dealers. Matter of fact Obama himself was a drug dealer, but I guess that doesn't matter if you're a liberal voter.

    Rappers glamorize violence, drugs, gangs, murder etc. Because thats what they see. Kids listen to that crap and then they try and emulate that rapper's life by creating the same thug environment they see in rap videos

    (C)rap is neither music nor an art form. It's a slow but sure deterioration of America.

  • No, every generation hates the next generation's music.

    No, America's downfall did not begin when rap season was recognized as art, because rap music is not bad, in and of itself. Economic problems are what make a country fall. Music is not so influential that it would cause the downfall of an entire country. Rap music is only entertainment, simple as that.

  • It's just music?

    America's Downfall began when the government started spending ridiculous amounts of money that they didn't have. Massive military spending and mass borrowing from other countries is the primary cause of the recession. Rap is a genre of music--while it might seem annoying to some, it's in no way related to America's downfall.

  • Culture and Music-Freedoms of expression

    Rap is a form of music and is undoubtedly an art form, as is other music. However, this does depend on people's interpretation of 'art'. Any attempt to regulate its definition only constricts expression. When expression is not constricted, discussion on a wide range of topics are more probable and only serve to advance our culture.

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