Did Anita Bryant's ex-husband have a significant impact on her views of homosexuality?

  • Bob Green surely influenced Anita Bryant

    Bob Green, Anita Bryant's ex-husband, had a strong influence on her views of homosexuality. His fundamentalist Christian ethos is well-documented and he has espoused those ideals publicly on many occasions. Perhaps they were attracted to each other because they both had those same ideals prior to meeting, but the two could have done nothing but strengthen each others' convictions in their time together.

  • Bryant was married to a true bigot

    Anita Bryant's husband, Bob Green, was a noted bigot and misogynist. Anyone in his circle would be regaled with his belief that gays were the root of all evil. Together, they crusaded against gays. One of their most touted beliefs was that gays would seduce children, as they cannot reproduce thus needed to recruit the innocent. While Green certainly had a significant impact on Bryant, her strong Christian beliefs fanned the fire of hatred. Even after the divorce she continued her anti-gay rhetoric with the resultant loss of her career and bank account.

  • All from her

    Although he possibly had a slight impact, most of Anita's views on gays came straight from her mouth and from her mind. She was very outspoken against being gay, which is not good for the fame that she had and was trying to keep, since the pulic is mostly accepting.

  • Anita Bryant Was Hypocritical

    Anita Bryant was hypocritical when she divorced her husband in 1980. For decades, Bryant was a champion for traditional family values and was vociferously anti-gay. When she divorced after 20 years of marriage, right-wing Christian groups lashed out at her for promulgating family values while abandoning her own family with divorce proceedings. Bryant's ex-husband had nothing to do with her anti-gay views. It was probably her parents and her upbringing that had more to do with forming her ideas at a young age.

  • She Voiced Her Own Opinions

    I do not believe Anita Bryant's ex-husband had significant impacts on her views of homosexuality. Bryant declared her beliefs prior to her marriage. Her second husband attempted to help her resurrect her career, but the damage was already done. I believe she promoted what she believe, not what someone told her to believe.

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