• It strengthened our country

    Watergate was good for American politics for a number of reasons. First, it got Richard Nixon out of the White House. The only reason he wanted the position in the first place was for power and not for helping Americans. Second, the scandal reaffirmed the belief in freedom of the press. The public had a right to know what happened when Nixon tried to spy on his political rivals. Finally, Watergate saved America from further embarrassment brought to us by a bad president. It's good for the people to know what's really going on in government.

  • The Watergate scandal did have some good things from it.

    The Watergate scandal did have some good things from it. We learned that the government is not always as honest as they want to appear to be and that they are human too. It occurred during the Nixon administration when several of Nixon's advisers and his resignation on 9 August 1974.

  • It was an important lesson

    The Watergate scandal was good in that in helped show the president to not be untouchable. At the same time it became a reference point for potential political scandals, and acts as an important lesson in American political history. The resulting precedents that were set will influence politics for a long time.

  • Yes, we learned the country is resilient.

    The Watergate scandal led to the resignation of an American President, which was a huge deal. The country could have crumbled under there being such a huge scandal and a President choosing to step down from office. Instead, Gerald R. Ford assumed office, and things quickly picked up from there. People learned, though the hard way, that the United States is resilient and can handle a scandal that might involve the White House.

  • Yes, it is important for voters to see what politicans are capable of doing.

    Yes, I believe there was some benefit to the Watergate scandal. American voters at the time were woken up by the revelations to the dangers of their misplaced trust in their leader. I believe a certain degree of skepticism is healthy in the voting populace, so voters can more critically examine potential candidates for political office.

  • We learned a lesson.

    Yes, something good came from the Watergate scandal, and that is that a president was actually held accountable for being a part of an illegal act. Although he wasn't prosecuted, his eviction from office sent the message to future presidents that the same thing can happen to them if they choose to do wrong.

  • It embarrassed our country

    First, Nixon from my understanding was a great president until this occurred. Next, These burglars were clearly inexperienced and they were this close to actually pulling it off and if they had, This would have been the most embarrassing event in history. This is my take on Watergate. Let me hear yours.

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