Did Apple lose its innovation after Steve Jobs died?

Asked by: savvga13
  • They are done for

    Since Jobs died,Apple has been going to hell.They just released iPhone 6 7 8 9 and X, which are basically all the same. They're even getting worse if that's possible.When I was younger I was excited about getting an iPhone. Now I don't see the point and have gotten Android instead (trust me, it's far better)😎

  • Jobs or not, something has gone wrong

    I hear the people saying steve didnt invent anything, but what he did do was build exitement, and i think thats exactly what apple has lost. Im not sure of the inner workings of apple, and im sure steve did alot more than just 'market' products, a phone is a phone, but i used to be exited just to own something with an apple on it, but i dont think its a coincidence that since jobs died, yes the phones are decent, but now im really just not that bothered.

  • yes they did

    Maybe without Steve Jobs Apple has reached its peak and will soon begin to descend into darkness. Lets face it, when Steve Jobs died, Apple may have died along with him. Steve Jobs' death marked the end of an era and they will not get far without the mastermind that kept them afloat for so long.

  • Apple's Mojo is well and truly gone

    The sublime attention to what makes technology truly enjoyable and truly desirable has been lost. No longer does the iPhone feel like a piece of gold bullion, no longer does the Mac Pro look or feel like HAL and no longer does the iPad present itself as unique. What happens with Mac OS and iOS could destroy their heritage.

  • No new products!

    After Jobs' death, Apple has not released any new, innovative gadgets that make customers go WOW. Steve Jobs had a knack for doing this. Without him, Apple has only been releasing "newer" models and such of old products. Not cool man. Apple can do way better, surely the company doesn't need a single man to keep innovation flowing!

  • Where did the magic go?

    Steve Jobs brought an irreplaceable sense of creative and constructive vigor to Apple. He was very particular about a great many things. If something wasn't "right" in his mind, he would simply tell the various creative teams to start over or fix it. Apple was once a very cutting-edge company in terms of new technology. The features that are becoming available on the new and improved models of the "i" products are yesterdays news, courtesy of other devices from other companies.

  • Innovation doesn't come easily, but I think Apple has gone a bit bland ever since Jobs died.

    Apple keeps on producing iPhone after iPhone, and there really aren't any changes in software or hardware. I have an iPhone 5, and it basically has the same features as an iPad, and works the same way. Instead of manufacturing iPhone 6 and 7 and 8 and 9 and 10, Apple probably needs to pause, think, and start working on some new tablets to compete with companies like Samsung and Google, etc. If Apple keeps on producing the same technologies over and over again, pretty soon it will be left behind, like the Nokia and Blackberry brands. Samsung is already gaining, too. Its smartphone has a wider screen, much more useful apps, and is just as convinient as Apple. Hopefully, Tim Cook will gravitate the company towards creativity and more innovation, instead of running the same old line of products.

  • Look at there stocks and the answer is obvious.

    Considering Apple, while under Jobs, created the most popular smart phone, the most popular media player, and brought back a fledgling PC line. Since he left what has happened. No popular Iphone models have been released, basically just one rework of an old model after another. The Apple PC lines have completely lost momentum built up during his reign and no serious new products have been release to speak of. If that's not enough evidence then simply observe the stock price of Apple. Numbers don't lie, they've lost considerable market share since the death of Job's to Samsung and other companies. The primary reason is the lack of innovation at Apple and the creation of new products and new features with other manufactures.

  • Jobs wasn't an innovator in the first place.

    People seem to be under the mistaken impression that Steve Jobs designed the innovative Apple products. Jobs was a marketer, not a programmer or a designer. Even the Great and Powerful Woz said that wasn't his strength- his strength was marketing the product and creating a buzz about it. He was the face of Apple, but not who created the product.

  • Never innovated in the first place

    People credit Steve Jobs for being an innovative person, yet fail to see all that he was. A business man. He never invented anything, he simply marketed them. Steve Wozniak was an apple employee who truly innovated. After he left the company, apple still had made other products; never anything new or unique.

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-15T03:09:55.637
Innovation has been significantly diminished, but not totally lost post Steve Jobs.