Did archaeologists drop the ball in failing to properly investigate what appears to be the oldest known aboriginal settlement?

  • Yes, archaeologists droppped the ball.

    Yes, it is my belief that the archaeologists that were investigating what appears to be the oldest known aboriginal settlement dropped the ball because they did not take proper care of the situation. In these types of situations, I think it is extremely important to be very careful because it is newsworthy information and can change history.

  • Yes, archeologists fear losing their tenure if new findings change our currrent understanding of history.

    Yes, mainstream archaeologists have chosen to ignore information found at recently excavated aboriginal settlements, because the conclusions could rewrite their own doctoral thesis. This could affect their personal academic standing as well as their ability to receive continued funding from major universities for future archaeological digs. We need to review how we can protect archaeologists so that they may be free to help us understand our past.

  • Yes, I think so.

    The history of Aboriginal Australians is thought to have spanned 30,000 to 45,000 years, although some estimates have put the figure at up to 60,000 years before European settlement. The Aboriginal Australians lived with a strong dependence on the land, and also the water. Each group developed skills for the area in which they would live – hunting or fishing or gathering.

  • No, archaeologists did not drop the ball.

    Archaeologists are dedicated scientists to work hard to quite literally unearth history. It is hard to imagine how many things are hidden under the ground and how much there is to discover and explore. Archaeologists cannot be blamed for not properly investigating every single thing under the sun. There is far too much to investigate and they are doing their best.

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