Did 'Argo' deserve to win the Golden Globe for best motion picture drama?

  • It Was a Great Movie.

    I didn't see all of the movies nominated for best motion picture drama, but I definitely think that Argo was a great pick. That movie moved me to the core. I saw it in the theater and thought it was brilliant. It is such a departure from some of the dreck that is put out in the name of movies.

  • 'Argo' deserved to win the Golden Globe

    Why shouldn't "Argo" deserve to win the Golden Globe for best motion picture drama? These awards are based on the public choice. If the majority of the public votes to award this then there should be no question as to who it is awarded to. The rule should apply to show business as it does in any other topic of which we post our votes.

  • Yes, it deserved it.

    Argo deserved the Golden Globe for best motion picture drama. Although it was not the most popular movie at the box office, it was the most unique and it was executed well. From the actors, to the directing, producing and editing, Argo was the best drama nominated. The award is not based on how popular a movie is, but rather the substance of these elements.

  • Absolutely. It represents quality acting and a true story.

    The movie 'Argo' represents a great step in terms of modern cinematography. Not only is good acting presented in a realistic and coherent way, the movie is based on a true story. With much of today's Hollywood action films tailored towards the teenage market, having a movie representing a turbulent part of human history is a great breath of fresh air.

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