Did Army Pvt. Bradley Manning deserve the punishment he received?

  • Yes

    He should not get any special treatment, If anyone commits treason they have to pay the cost. I am in the Navy and can tell you that anyone with a security clearance should be careful when talking about the work they do and by careful i mean shouldn't. It doesn't take a genius to know that classified information shouldn't be sent to an online website.

  • He deserved it and much more

    He should be tried for treason. People honor and respect soldiers, and he betrayed the American people. The little punishment he has received is nothing in comparison to what he should get. I think soldiers guilty of leaking military info should get life in prison or the death penalty. Who knows the full scope of damage his actions made.

  • His imprisonment is justified.

    No matter how Pvt. Manning tries to justify his actions, the fact is that he committed treason which greatly compromised the United States as well as ruining, endangering, and costing the lives of innocent people. Thus far he has not been tried or sentenced for his crimes, but he certainly at a minimum deserves his current imprisonment.

  • No. The kind of punishment that Pvt. Bradley Manning received was severe overkill.

    It was very courageous of him to blow the whistle on the dirt that our government was and is still doing. Whistleblowers need better protection, which they're not getting. It's a total disgrace, which needs to be turned around....Right now, and thoroughly. They're human beings, too, and should be treated as such.

    Posted by: mplo
  • From what I have read...

    Pvt. Manning was locked in jail in total isolation and much of the time held naked in his cell. Isolation in itself is a cruel tortuous punishment. Unless you are a violent individual to others or yourself, this "treatment" can only be seen as an extreme punishment before any verdict has been made. From what I have read, he is not violent.

  • No, Pvt. Bradley Manning does not deserve the punishment he has received up until now, it should be more sever!

    Pvt. Bradley Manning will not know the punishment he will receive until his trial ends. His trial is not set to begin until February, 2013. Prosecution is not trying to give him the death penalty, however this is the punishment that traitors normally get. Up until the now the only punishment he has received is sitting in a jail cell and being deprived of his freedom. This traitor is responsible for putting countless of U.S. soldiers’ lives in danger by releasing the information that he did. He could of at least shown a bit of discretion when he sent so much sensitive information to WikiLeaks.

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