• Atlanta definitely deserved the two Golden Globes

    Although I have never seen a single episode of Atlanta, I noticed that the show won two Golden Globes. As I am willing to defer to the judges in matters of entertainment award conferment, I would simply quote Clint Eastwood in say "deserve's got nothing to do with it". It sounds like a good show and I've heard good things about it. Of course they deserve the honor.

  • Yes, it did.

    Atlanta is a great, groundbreaking show that is not only entertaining, but gives insight into what life is like for struggling young black artists in the deep south. It is an amazing show, and also has some of the best performances from actors that this generation has seen. The two golden globes are well deserved.

  • The Golden Globes are well deserved.

    Unlike most awards, the Golden Globes are not voted on by industry insiders. Rather, they are voted on by the Hollywood Foreign Pres Corp., which may have a less biased opinion in theory. Because it is such a large and diverse organization, it is improbable that any type of conspiracy or collaboration is possible to favor one particular actor or show, although it is not entirely impossible. In mny cases, Golden Globe winners go on to win Oscars and Emmys, so it is safe to assume that Atlanta's awards were well-deserved, although subject to the zeitgeist of the moment in our social history.

  • There were many good films this year.

    Yes, Atlanta deserved two Golden Globes, because Atlanta has a really strong plot. It also has fine character development. It was surprising that HBO left empty handed with all of the nominations they had. However, Atlanta was strong enough that it deserved what it won, even if others did not win what they deserved.

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