• Common Sense Reform.

    How many mass shootings from assault weapons have been on the news out of Australia since.....NONE. Assault weapons are meant to cause the maximum damage possible. Killing 100 of ANYTHING in 56 seconds is just crazy to allow. What could you possible need to do that for? Use common sense people.

  • Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi

    Gun bans do not eliminate crime. They do lower gun related crimes. After Port Arthur and the slaughter of 35 people including two little girls 3 and 6 years of age. Australia was grief stricken and sickened beyond belief. As a nation we endorsed the then Howard government gun amnesty and buyback scheme. Here if you are caught and charged for a crime, fire arm possession could be added to your record. If it is found that you inappropriately obtain the gun the other people registered to the gun are questioned and may be charged. We accept this as a need because of port Arthur.

    We have not had a massacre since. We rarely have gun crimes and the ones that do happen eg. The gang land murders well those people were connected to the underworld and police knew them well. Sometimes too well.

    We do not see this as an infringement of our rights. You want access to gun join the forces. At least you have to pass a psych test first. And a record taken if you do not.

    Apart from farmers, some game shooters and some sport shooters who all have to registered only the criminal element seeks to have gun possession and even then with them so regulated it is just too risky if you get caught because you will bring someone down with you.

    We have a high rate of immigration and the migrants come to this land from war conflicts and unstable societies. They embrace a near gun less society. N

  • Yes, it has significantly lowered crime

    The ban on assault weapons has significantly lowered the mass fatality shootings in that country. I'm not sure how this is actually an opinion question, though. There are data that prove this is true. The government banned the weapons, and now the crime rate is down. Is there anything that is more black-and-white?

  • Yes

    The ban completely worked and I believe we should have a very similar ban here in the U.S. Especially now with the very intense arguments and future changes in the gun laws, I think it would be beneficial to look at examples of places that the assault weapon bans have worked.

  • NO

    From what I've seen, there are certain crime rates in Australia that have gone up since the assault weapon ban. On top of that, exactly how is banning assault weapons supposed to solve anything?

    Any crime that one can commit with an assault weapon, one can commit with other weapons. Even if there were an actual drop in crime rate, I do not see how it would prove anything.

    Correlation does not necessarily represent causation.

  • No Australia's assault weapons ban did not work.

    I do not think weapon bans can actually lower crime altogether. People die everyday from crimes without guns, instead of focusing on guns we should focus on the people. We need to make sure people are mentally stable and can function well in society. Even though Australia banned assault weapons, I highly doubt that made an impact on their crime rates.

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