Did bad officiating cost the 49ers a Super Bowl win?

  • Ravens are officiated by a different standard, and are allowed to commit many blatant penalties the other 31 teams would get flagged for.

    Just like Super Bowl 40 the refs gave the afc north another gift. Tainted does not begin to describe both. The ravens held massively on the kr td the punt at the end and on defense on basically every pass. Total screw job, I feel awful for the miners fans and the integrity of the game.

  • Ray Lewis retiring

    The NFL wanted him to go out a winner and made sure he did. It didn't matter what the Niners did, the Ravens were holding from the get go. On the Crabtree play, he wasn't the only player held...It was the rest of the receivers too. Why Crabtree is the only one getting reviewed after that play I don't know.

  • Ravens guide to hoisting the Lombardi trophy!

    1) Jerk the speedy running back on the other team by the face mask distracting him while his neck is twisted in pain, STRIP THE BALL! WWF style;)
    2) Make sure and double hold a player (moving with him and holding onto him for a whopping 15 yards) in the center of the kickoff team while your overrated texans reject wr runs 10 yards straight to run through a gaping hole to score a 109 yard touchdown. Ah, fair competition is overrated anyway
    3) Line up offsides and start your run at the quarterback so that he has no chance to complete the 2 point conversion. Oh who cares, nobody’s gonna care about 2 points.
    4) Shove the ref and not get kickout out. “Hey what’s the big idea? I’m on your side. Did I make the wrong call?”
    5) Hold all 4 receivers on the last three plays of their last drive. Don’t wanna allow competition do we?
    6) Hold 7 different players on the punt return team while we shave off the hole clock even though they would’ve enough had time for a corner pass route and a field goal. Come on. We’ve played dirty up to this point, why stop now?
    7) Smack the other team’s go to guy helmet to helmet making him temporarily blind. Whoopsl. AccidentE
    8) Be ready to send your defenders out onto the field to stop the return man if he’s bringing it to the house on the safety punt touchdown with a serious face and then later say your joking. Who cares? As long as you win right?
    9) Cheat out your own brother of the biggest game of his life cuz he has the better team and is more likely to win.

    10) Make sure you have a hall of famer on your team retiring to give the nfl significantly HIGHER RATINGS and thus the more future profits from commercials if your team wins. Hey, we’re talkin billions here. CHA-CHING ;)
    11) Make sure the nfl only cares about money and is going to tell the refs not to notice all the above bs your about to pull whether their standing right in front of it or not (after all, your team lead the nfl in penalties during the regular season)
    12) Listen to the other team’s noble players act like it was their fault they lost just because they fell behind in the first half and didn’t get a touchdown with all their receivers being held…just because it’s inconceivable to them that the league is corrupt and they don’t wanna believe it. “But champions do what’s necessary do win!” Sometimes…Nowdays, a lot of the time, champions are the teams the make the nfl money.
    13) Lose all your good players and fall out of playoff contention for the forseable future, cuz karma’s a beatch…;)
    Put an asterick next to that super bowl!

  • The bad calls and no-calls did not 'even out' whatsoever.

    The 49ers moved the ball better and overall outplayed the Ravens, IMHO. The Jacoby JOnes TD was aberrational even without the astonishing no-call on the holding against Jim Miller, who was right in Jones' path through the middle. The holding call on 3rd and 9 (Ravens on their own 25 yd line or so, up 31-29) against Culliver should have been a push-off against Torrey Smith (there is just no grey area there! He definitely pushed Culliver, and Culliver was called for holding for reacting to the push-off by grapping Jones' jersey as he was pushed away while trying to defend).

  • Yes, Ravens had preferential officiating all season

    Anyone who doesn't see that the National Football Entertainment League helped the 49ers a little, and the Ravens an extreme amount, to get to the SB this whole season in order to have a Harbowl, is just in denial. It's just plain silly. I was right at the time about refs favoring saints getting them past vikings to SB because of Katrina when they beat up on Brett Favre and were "allowed" by the refs to get away with it, I'm right about this season. The bounty came out, but I'm still wondering why refs aren't held responsible for corruption. I didn't even watch much of this SB- there was a chance they would call it fair once they got the brothers to the SB, however, glorifying Ray Lewis' "legacy" came into play which is just laughable. I watched replays and spoke with friends who weren't rooting for one or the other....and it wasn't just one no call in the end zone at the end - it was a lot of bad officiating. From holding on ravens run back not called, to Culliver's pass interference when it should have been an interception and offensive pass interference, Reed was clearly offsides when sacking Kap and stopping a drive that should have continued. And "shoving" an official? Really? Boger was controversial to even be in there. It's not worth watching when there's an agenda and refs are allowed to sway things.

  • It Cost Them The Game

    The officiating in the Super Bowl was sub par. I wouldn't even be mad if someone said it was bad. There are always missed calls in football games but there were way too many in this game, especially a game that was this important. The refs cost them the game.

  • No, officiating did not cost the 49er's a win

    No matter how you choose the few referees in this year's Super Bowl, their officiating did not cost them the game. Every single football game has blown calls, or calls that were made in poor judgment. The 49er's lost due to poor execution and poor play calling in the first quarter of play. If they had executed properly, they wouldn't have been in a 4th down needing a score at the end of the game.

  • No.

    No amount of bad officiating can cost a good team the game. Both teams went to the Super Bowl at their best, and one was better. If a team is good, they'll win on their own, not relying on a ref to call in their favor. Also, The Super Bowl is a competition. You don't go to a pie eating contest and whine about how the judge didn't rule in your favor. So, grow up and accept that your team lost and move on.

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