• Almost certainly, but it isn't unusual

    As long as there have been sports, there have also been complaints about referees. From what I've seen, there were a couple of bad calls which impacted the result, and if I were a Colts fan I'd be as angry as anyone. The trouble is, bad calls happen and for every game where your team comes off worse, there's one where you never notice the errors because your team came off better. Time to move on.

  • Yes. The bad calls by the refs impacted the outcome of the game.

    The bad calls both came in the last 5 minutes and could have led to the Colts scoring and would have taken away a crucial turnover for the Eagles. The Colts were in field goal range when the defensive holding took place and was never called which lead to an interception. Then a few plays later, there was a horse collar call on the Colts that clearly wasn't a horse collar tackle. The Penalty gave them yards and a fresh 1st and 10 to help them kick a field goal 3 plays later and win the game.

  • Bad calls are part of the game

    It is impossible to isolate a single bad call in a football game as the reason one team lost or won. The fact is, there are numerous bad calls throughout every football game that effect both teams equally. To say that one play was the reason a team lost would be ignoring all the other bad calls that could've cause the winning team to lose too.

  • Refs Affect Every Game

    Every NFL game outcome hinges on six or seven plays. While one or more of those plays in a game could be caused by a poor officiating decision, there are always more plays affected by bad playing choices or even worse coaching decisions. The Eagles won because they were better last night.

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