Did Barack Obama deserve to win the 2012 Presidential election?

  • When money out rules ideas, tyranny follows!

    Look at history fools. The only folks who win when we fight stupid wars are defense contractors and their friends, we have had enough war for awhile and now need PEACE and rebuilding our USA infrastructure not overseas. When everyone's income is going up we have progress, but when only the super rich incomes are going up we are quickly becoming a 3rd world nation. Tax the wealthy, they are ONLY group that can afford to pay!

  • 2012 Election: Merit vs. Popular Opinion

    Yes, Barack Obama deserved to win the 2012 Presidential election. I believe Obama's success is especially validated as this is his second term and therefore carries a stronger basis to have been evaluated by the United States citizens.

    In questioning how deserving an elected candidate is of that success is not only a reflection of the individual's merits and efforts, but also a direct demonstration of the U.S. Government's ability to educate the populace. If Obama were thought to be undeserving of his Office, in essence, it would imply that the American people showed themselves to be either poor judges of character or, if not lacking in judgement, would appear to bear a marked lack of concern for the environment in which they live. Those lacking concern are not likely to vote, those lacking judgement should naturally be counter-balance by those who have stronger evaluation skills.

    Therefore, again, I support that all United States Presidents, past, current and future, elected to office by a vote of the People do, beyond doubt, deserve the honor bestowed upon them.

  • Yes, Obama won the 2012 election by a relatively large margin

    I believe that Obama deserved to win the 2012 Presidential election because he soundly beat Romney by nearly 100 electoral votes. Aside from the first debate, Obama ran a much more consistent and tactical campaign, capitalizing on a handful of gaffes made by his opponent, and strategically targeting specific counties within the major battleground states.

  • Yes he deserves to win the election

    He deserves to win the election as he is a very successful President of U.S.A. He's been a very successful President for the past 4 years. He has taken a very decisive decision for the citizens of U.S.A. He has provided U.S.A. with all the essential requirements. He eliminated Osama Bin Laden who had caused a major threat to U.S.A. and many other countries. He is a good debtor as well and won people in their hearts. He has helped all the allied countries too. So, obviously he deserves to win this election!

  • It was ALL because of the media

    its just sick to see how much impact the media had in this election... just go back and look at all the times they talked politics on the national news... they literally bashed Romney making him look like trash, and totally made Obama look like some prodigy.... the media has so much control in the world, its just disgusting... if someone was going to court about killing someone but they have no legitimate proof that the person on trial killed them, the media could still side with the prosecutor, and not matter the outcome, even if the person was declared not guilty, the person would still be hated by the majority of the people, even tho the person was nothing but innocent, just because the media said they were guilty the rest of the population will hate them.... and being EVERY national news station is in new York and New York is heavily democratic it would only be natural for all the national news stations to just bash Romney and make obama look like a prodigy

  • 2012 Election: Merit vs. Popular Opinion

    No. Because he is taking away our nuclear weapons little by little leaving us, America, open for attack by other country's. He is shortening the military budget which is making our military weak. He is also giving money to people for not working. That money should be put to greater use and further more this act puts people out of business and leaves many people jobless.

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