• Yes, Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize because his stance is one of peace rather than the prior stance of war of the Bush administration.

    The Bush administration was war happy and started wars all over. It's common knowledge that 911 was an inside job orchestrated by the government in order to start wars and thereby profit from them. Obama deserved the prize simply because he is expressing the will of the people. That in itself deserves a prize. Bush didn't care what the country wanted and followed his own, selfish path of retribution.

    Posted by: Nik0Interior
  • I believe that President Obama deserved to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

    President Obama won that prize for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people. If nothing else, he is trying to do that, and it is easier said than done.

    Posted by: Pyr0Edet
  • I think it is fantastic and I do think he deserved it.

    Even though a lot of people seem to be puzzled about him winning this, it wasn't like some bunch of ?Good old boys? getting together and giving it to a buddy. I think almost the entire planet heaved a sigh of relief when Obama became president; it changed the world, not just our country. The Peace Prize sort of acknowledged that, gave credence to the turning point that his election signified.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • Both as a Senator and a President

    Barack Obama has fought and passed significant legislation to promote a nuclear free world and has opened up lines of communication from the United States to dozens of countries. As well as he has worked to amend the relationship between the Middle East and the West. The only reason why many think he should not have won is because the media only covers huge and eye catching stories or about wars. And many do not even realize all he has done to bridge the gaps between our wounded world. From directing refugee funds, to creating Special Envoys to further assist Middle Eastern countries, to easing restrictions on Cuba as well as working with them for democratic reform so that they can mend their relationship with the world as well, to helping ensure peaceful and fair deals by Kenya and Somalia to work together in rightfully trying pirates, worked to better promote an end to genocide in Darfur, a fight against poverity throughout the world while providing tools to prosperity for many African and emerging countries (which will of course add to and improve the world economy), he worked to withdraw our country from Iraq knowing it would help ease tensions between the United States and the Middle East, outlined and promoted ideas to deal with the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, and he did indeed create a new climate in the air which was acknowledged by many world leaders who truly felt that the President had created an entirely new atmosphere in the world for dealing with problems. As a senator he has proposed (often successfully and bipartisanly) plans to control the world's suppy of weapons as well as biological weapons and WMD's. He bravely stood up in public right in Hamas to argue that they must relieve themselves of all hostilities and deal with Israel pragmatically. He has amendments in order to create a plan for comprehensive immigration and ease tensions between countries. He has also fought for transparency of foreign aid and federal funds to fight for a more honest and less corrupt world. I can assure you that most people did not know about a single one of these things. Think outside the box please and do not be afraid to learn things for yourself instead of just being fed lies from your favorite biased media station.

  • Because he earned it.

    Barack Obama deserved the 2009 Nobel Prize award for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. He earned it! Just because you guys out there are jealous of him, doesn't mean you have to turn your anger out on him! Seriously, if you don't like him, why don't you get a Nobel prize!?

  • Yes, he deserved to win the Nobel Peace Prize because he inspires hope and peace in others.

    He deserved to win because when he was elected President and then placed in office he inspired more hope and feelings of peace in the world than anyone else did that year. He helps people to feel inspired to further the cause of world peace and hope around them and throughout the world.

    Posted by: SlayClim
  • The winner

    Now as we head into another election, I can say now that the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was given to the wrong person. It should be taken away from Obama and given to the memory of Ronald Reagan for all he has done for this country. Someone who has done something for this country.

  • Nobel Price Awarding Committee prowess is beyond mediocre comprehension

    Nobel Peace price is awarded not just to recipients who have accomplished deeds pointing to world peace, but also manifestation of recipients' exemplifications, suggestive of noblesse oblige to the world, worthy of laurus nobilis that would benefit the whole world sooner or later. President Barack Obama's birth can never be a waste at death, because his Presidential legacy is already archiving positive deeds for the betterment of humanity around the world.

  • As much as anyone who ever did

    The Nobel Peace Prize has always been a farce, a way for some inconsequential, unregulated bunch of Norweigans to make a political statement. Its committee is a bunch of retired politicians. Just because they give out an annual prize with "peace" in the name doesn't mean their nominee is a living saint-- they select from whoever is famous at the time, someone whose agenda aligns with their personal politics. They chose Obama, therefore Obama deserved to win.

  • He deserved it because he didn't deserve it.

    As a person of a marginalized color, Obama has had an uphill battle against white primacy all his life. This gift from the Noble Committee was an inspiration to all peoplekind of all genders, that they can receive prizes too, no matter their ethnicity or legal status! Opponents to this peace prize are spreading hate and misogyny. All children deserve participation trophies.

  • I'm still baffled today as to how he won that Nobel Peace Prize.

    And I'm pretty sure he and everyone else in Washington are also still confused. There is nothing that puts him in the same category with Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., and the majority of people on that list. I don't understand how the Nobel Committee could justify awarding him with the peace prize. All he had to his name was serving as an Illinois senator and then one term in the U.S. Senate. Now five years later, I'm pretty sure there's no chance of him getting another one. Ever.

  • The 'Not Being Bush' award. The award is of no importance any longer.

    No one ever heard of the so called peace efforts. The award is a complete politically motivated joke.
    The Nobel Peace prize used to have gravitas; from now on it is a joke award and I won't care who wins it or assign any importance to the announcement. In 2012 the European Union won the award.

    Another joke political decision.

    The award is now just like the Turner prize for Art.
    Something that can no longer shock and that no one takes seriously any more.

  • Mr. Obama had done nothing to deserve the prize when it was awarded.

    The question of whether Mr. Obama deserved to win the Nobel Peace Prize can be answered as a simple matter of time frame. The Peace Prize was awarded less than one month after he because President. You might argue that he did something as a State Senator or U.S. Senator that deserves the peace prize, but there's nothing in his record that compares to other winners of the Peace Prize. It would have been better to reevaluate Mr. Obama's eligibility for the prize after he leaves the office of the President.

    Posted by: 54uIIan
  • Barack Obama did not deserve to win the Nobel peace prize, he has not done anything to deserve it.

    Barack Obama did not deserve to win the Nobel Peace Prize, he has not done anything to deserve it. I believe Obama was surprised himself that he received the Nobel peace prize. I personally think he was awarded it, so war would not be declared on any other countries such as Iran or North Korea. It would make Obama look really bad if he received the Nobel peace prize and declared war. I think the united states has become to politically correct, and it is destroying our country.

    Posted by: TaFiel
  • No, Barack Obama did not deserve to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

    The Nobel Peace Prize is meant to recognize and honor the further progress of peace within the world--and it has to be earned. Historically, there have been unusual decisions on the part of the Nobel board--including the awarding of the Peace Prize to Henry Kissinger for his work in Cambodia, during the worst year of the Vietnam War--but none so unusual as the awarding of the Prize to President Obama. If you look at the timeline, they made their preliminary decision within a week of his inauguration--and what could Barack Obama have done within that week? Becoming our first African-American President could have been his only act in office at that time--and as we recently learned in Massachusetts, just "showing up for the dance" doesn't mean you're going to be elected the Prom Queen, anymore than simply running as a Democrat in Massachusetts is an automatic guarantee of being selected State Senator. Either the Board should have waited a year or more--or Obama should have declined the award.

    Posted by: ElwBoardin
  • I do not believe Barack Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize.

    I believe that Barack Obama did not deserve to win the Nobel peace prize. I do not think he did anything to even come close to deserving it. It was very early in his presidency. They have not even gave sufficient evidence to why they felt that he deserved to win it. I believe it was done to prove a point.

    Posted by: barbiegirll
  • Barack Obama did not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize yet, as there was nothing of any importance that he had accomplished in that regard yet.

    It seems to me that the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize should have made some significant contribution to peace in the world. President Obama is working toward that end, but so far has accomplished nothing. There are many more worthwhile candidates at this point. Realistically there should be something specific you could point to and say "this is why he is eligible."

    Posted by: BMaritza
  • What on Earth did he do to deserve it?

    Barack Obama had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for nothing more than having been in office less than 2 weeks. The Nobel Prize committee likely nominated him for it because he was not George W. Bush. Who did he beat? Sima Samar, a women's rights activist in Afghanistan, who kept schools and hospitals open under the Taliban despite threats to her life. Dr. Denis Mukwege: Doctor, founder and head of Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo, who risked his life to help gang rape victims in their tragic civil war. Wei Jingsheng, who spent 17 years in Chinese prisons for advocating for democracy. Whether Obama earns a Peace Prize is yet to be seen; as President, he has that opportunity to do so within his term. However, he has done nothing to date to earn it. And by awarding it to him for merely gracing the world stage and winning an election, over those who risked their lives for human rights, they diminish the value of a once great award to a mere popularity contest.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • No. He does not deserve it because he is waging a war in the name of security to the U.S.A

    I think giving the Nobel Prize to Barack Obama is a waste. He does not deserve this because he never accomplished anything for the development of peace. War does not bring peace; it only destroys humanity and creates new enemies. I am sure Obama knew in his heart that he was not a worthy candidate. He refused to meet the King of Norway. Meeting the king of Norway has been a customary practice for all Nobel peace prize winners. This is a good sign that he himself was not sure and ready to accept an award which even Gandhi did not get.

    Posted by: N4rrGet
  • Nobel peace prize winner, Obama, seeking WAR with Syria.

    Obama is plotting war with Syria as we speak. Definitely unworthy of such an honor. Yes chemical weapons may have been used but they can't even confirm it's the dictator, Assad who did it. It could've been the rebels or foreign insurgents or something. Obama wants war. And their OIL!

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Nelson Mandela was, in fact, a terrorist at one time.

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