Did Barack Obama win the final Presidential debate?

  • Romney tried to dodge the issues.

    Mitt Romney was well out of his depth once again and, instead of addressing the matters in hand, tried to disguise his ignorance of foreign affairs by trying to blame the economic woes caused by the previous Bush administration on the President. Of course, domestic issues are more of a concern to most American voters but the US does not live in isolation from the rest of the world and how she interacts with international community is of vital importance.

  • Foreign Policies

    The debate was about foreign policies. President Obama has experience with foreign policies; Governor Romney and Paul Ryan does not have enough experience with foreign policies. I think Romney saying that Obama was bad with the 4 years was false. And clearly anyone can agree that the horse analogy was successful as well

  • Yes.

    Ok that person clearly did not watch the final debate ->
    The final debate was about foreign policy, foreign policy being the one thing Romney and Ryan horribly lack any experience in, while also being the one thing Obama has succeeded at. Romney had campaigned calling Obama the worst foreign policy president, even worse then carter, but during the debate Romney was simply agreeing to everything Obama had done so far. The only thing he differed on was expanding the size of the navy citing how since WWI it has shrunk, and Obama nailed him on it by saying that the US has also cut back on horses and bayonets. Obama easily won the last debate but for those who dont like Obama, dont worry, the last debate isnt going to change a thing

  • Restating the Same.

    Honestly, I do not belive either candidate really "won" this final debate, however, since the question is did Obama win, I would have to say no. All he did was restate all he has said since he took office. If I was still undecided, Obama, during this debate, said nothing that would have really knocked me over to his side. One point I would like to bring up is how he made such a big deal out of the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Not that it wasn't a great feat, however, he stated that it weakend Al Quida to the point where they are no threat, yet Al Quida still remains a very powerful threat and I feel that it was wrong for him to try to fool the American people in such a way.

  • It was incosequential

    The debate could not be summarized as victory or loss. Instead, it was about damage control. Did Romney maintain his advantage from the first debate? Yes! The President did not recoever.
    The President brought up some good key points, but not enough to gain an advantage.
    Additionally, the fact checking after the debate made Obama look like he prepared with Wikipedia.
    "You didn't build that! Someone else did!" (Wrong, Mr. President.)

  • Still on the Fence

    No, I don't believe that Barack Obama won the final debate. I find myself still on the fence with him and if he did such a great job, I'd be on his side. However I am still confused about his last debate. Yes what he said was clear and concise but can we really trust him? He did not assure me of anything.

  • No

    I do not think that Obama won the final Presidential debate because he is still not stating what he is going to do to help fix the country and more importantly how. Anyone can come up with ideas off the top of their head on how to fix America. It may be a good idea but coming up with ideas and executing them are two different things.

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