• Yes it worked

    Real GDP grew in the second quarter of 2009 as a result of the stimulus package and between 1.4 million and 3.3 million jobs were created. Unemployment would have looked a whole lot worse if it weren't for the stimulus. By early 2010, unemployment began to decline falling below 10%.

  • Yes, but people don't understand

    Obama stated even in his acceptance speech that we have a long road and we do. We can't fix our problems overnight. In fact, he gave a 12 year minimum time table for setting things right. We need to fix institutions from the inside out rather than superficially trying to solve an issue by raising taxes and cutting programs but that turns us into a country I don't want to be part of. We need to fix things the right way and not the easy way.

  • Yes it Did!

    The Stimulus plan wasn't perfect and Obama overstated what it would do in terms of job creation. It did not 'bring back' the millions of jobs lost in the recession, but it provided over 2.5 million jobs and plugged the economic hemorrhaging that America was quickly succumbing to. It increased the GDP which was one important means of 'stabilizing' the economy. Lastly, the stimulus also provided the means for investment in innovation and clean energy which will have positive implications for the future.

  • Was this honestly asked?

    What kind of question of this? Of course it did not work. 90% of the jobs added were part time jobs. It wasted government money that could been put somewhere else. He did more good befriending wall street and bailing them out. At least that kept jobs and might have created a few. His true goal was to destroy the economy to build from the ground up.

  • No, Obama's stimulus did not work

    What Barack Obama claimed, professed, promised was only a ruse to allow the country to spend into more debt, become more of a socialist society and expand our government to become our lord and savior (emphasis on the small non-capitalized letters). In addition, it allowed him to turn over more control of the auto companies to his union friends, while not improving the job situation at all. The jokes from the early part of the administration should not be forgotten - the fact that shovel ready jobs weren't as shovel ready as we thought, and that he didn't realize things were as bad as they were, and that we had to pass the health care legislation in order to find out what was in it. His stimulus only stimulated his vote count, not the economy.

  • No, Barack Obama's stimulus did not work.

    President Obama claimed that by spending trillions of dollars (money that our country had to borrow), unemployment would be markedly reduced and our economy would greatly improve. He claimed that money would be poured into "shovel ready jobs." Unfortunately, those stimulus dollars were used to pay for union-backed jobs, such as teachers and federal workers, whose union dues are funneled to the Democrat party. So, the stimulus worked for Obama and the Democrat party, but it did not work for the American people. Unemployment remained steady or rose. More Americans are on food stamps, and more Americans have given up looking for a job. Half of recent college graduates are finding themselves unemployed or underemployed. Many are living back at home with their parents. This generation and generations to come will be saddled with debt due to Barack Obama's ineffective and expensive stimulus package.

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