Did Bradley Manning suffer illegal pre-trial punishment?

  • Innocent until proved guilty.

    The basis of our legal system is that everyone is innocent until proved guilty. It doesn't matter what the crime or who the person is, this goes for all United States citizens. Unfortunately in today's society, the government seems to negate our constitutional rights and decide that they know better than our founding fathers.

  • Yes, he was tortured.

    Bradley Manning suffered illegal treatment as soon as the government took him into custody. He was not allowed to meet with his lawyer regularly, he was put into solitary confinement, and was treated with torturous conditions. The military treated him as a guilty man before his trial even took place. What they did to him was horrific and illegal.

  • Yes, last I checked you are innocent until proven guilty

    Is this not the U.S.? Just because someone is charged with serious crimes does not mean he or she is guilty without trial. The situation Bradley Manning found himself in was horrific. I don't care what people said he have to prove it! That's the whole point of having a justice system. If he is proven guilty, then he should get the book thrown at him. Until then, everyone needs to work to protect those who have been charged. There may come a time you or a loved one is in the same situation, and if we let our rights slip just because they are slipping on someone we don't like, then we won't have any recourse when things go badly for us.

  • Yes, he suffered pre-trial punishment

    Although many people live in a world where they are not subjected to harsh judgment, those of us who have know that human beings are very capable of attacking and injuring a person if very subtle but effective ways. Given the nature of his crimes, I would be surprised if he were not subjected to suffering before he was tried.

  • No, he suffered nothing illegal

    Manning was charged with very serious capital crimes. Frankly, in spite of his mental condition, he betrayed the trust of the military in which he served and of his country. He could not have expected anything better. With the terrorist attacks that have occurred against America, every precaution was warranted, and his treatment was justified.

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