• Brazil denied potential victory by obvious foul.

    In the recent Copa America football (soccer in the United States) tournament game versus Peru, Brazil was knocked out of the tournament due to an obvious foul by Peruvian player Raúl Ruidíaz. Examination of the footage shows that Ruidiaz clearly used his right arm to deflect the shot by teammate Andy Polo into the Brazilian goal. It is unclear why the referee chose to let the goal stand, since it was clear from the video (and to multiple Brazilian players) that Ruidiaz used his arm - an illegal move in football. Although a proper call would not have guaranteed a Brazilian victory, a goal from an obvious foul should not have been allowed to stand in any circumstance, let alone a game winning goal that removed Brazil from the tournament.

  • Yes, Brazil deserved to win the Copa America game against Peru.

    Yes, Brazil deserved to win the Copa America game against Peru because Raul Ruidiaz of Peru used his hand to score the game-winning goal. Despite Brazil not scoring, Brazil dominated the first half against Peru and Brazil's best player Neymar was not present at this tournament. Brazil's early loss at the Copa America puts more pressure on the team to perform well at the Olympics tournament.

  • No, Brazil did not deserve to win.

    No, Brazil did not deserve to win. Brazil got knocked out by Peru in the Copa America because Peru was the better team. Brazil has a good team that is very competitive, however, they were outplayed by Peru and deserved to lose. Peru deserved the win that they earned and received.

  • It's just sports.

    When it comes to sporting events there are no clear cut winners or losers until the final score is tallied. Nobody really deserves to win unless they put in the hard work and effort. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes it rains, that is just the facts of life when it comes to sports.

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