Did Britain's 'mini-budget' solve anythiing in terms of fiscal policy for the United Kingdom?

  • Yes a little

    I think that Britain's mini budget helped a little in terms of fiscal policy for the United Kingdom. It helped because it was a good first step in accepting responsibility for their budget. Making a budget shows fiscal responsibility which is important. Even if the mini budget only did a little bit, it was better than nothing.

  • Yes, they are at least thinking about the problem.

    Yes, Britain's mini-budget did solve something in terms of fiscal policy for the United Kingdom, because it at least acknowledged that there was a problem. The first step in addressing any problem is acknowledging that there is one. The United Kingdom at least did this when they decided that a mini-budget was needed.

  • The mini budget was an example of what to do for Ireland and stuggling nations

    Since Britain is more liberal, just a little bit more liberal, than Germany, people look to Britain for what to appropriately do for a bailout for EU countries, as has happened in various forms, to Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, and Greece. The Brits created the mini-budget to show how to handle a difficult situation.

  • It is too mini.

    No, Britain's mini-budget does not solve anything in terms of fiscal policy for the United Kingdom, because a mini budget cannot solve a big problem. Britain needs to address its budget crisis before it it becomes like continental Europe. Britain needs to take its problem seriously, and the mini budget it too cautious in addressing its problem.

  • Small solutions can't fix big problems.

    No, Britain's 'mini-budget' didn't solve anything as far as terms of fiscal policy for the United Kingdom is concerned. The reason for this is that you can't solve a major problem like that with a tiny solution. The United Kingdom needs real leadership and more than superficial austerity to pull through.

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