• A good man

    Yes, they did get a lot of good from having him as their governor. He knew a lot about how to be good and fair to the people, and knew how to make sure that the people were well taking care of and got all of the representation that they needed.

  • He brought California back.

    Yes, California benefit from the tenure of Governor Schwarzenneger, because he was a strong, moderate leader who helped California's economy. He was also a moderate leader that united the people of California, and helped the state look less extreme to the rest of the nation and to the world. Schwarzenneger was a fun and popular leader.

  • the California benefit

    I personally agree,First came his slashing of workers compensation benefits. The deal in workers comp is that workers lose the right to sue for injuries on the job but gain a guaranteed level of benefits if seriously injured at work. In early 2004, his first year in office, Schwarzenegger pushed for a major overhaul of the workers compensation system and the Legislature went along. But in implementing that bill, his Administration slashed benefits to permanently disabled workers by more than 50 percent.

  • No They Didn't

    I believe during Governor Schwarzenneger's time in office California came the closest it has ever been to financial failure. I do not believe the state benefited from his tenure. I believe he was elected for the wrong reason and I believe he failed when it came to the administration of the state.

  • Just another name to add to the list

    No, I do not believe that Arnold Swhwarzenneger's stint as governor had any benefit or negativity for the State of California. He, in my opinion, was just another celebrity that felt the need to get his or her name in the lime light. Most of the time I really doubt if anyone ever understood a what he was actually saying at any given point in time.

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