• Canada just played better

    People will make excuses for everything. I make no excuses for the US loss to Canada. US did not play as well as Canada when it mattered most and therefore they loss. It was not the referee's fault for the US loss. Canada did not cheat. The US simply did not find a way to win.

  • Yes, Canada deserved to beat the USA.

    As much as I was rooting for the USA, Canada did deserve to win their game. I think that rules and way the game was played was all fair. Both teams played well in their quarter final games. It was just unfortunate that the USA could not beat Canada to play for the gold medal.

  • Hocky is Canada's national sport

    Canada did deserve to beat the USA to contend for hockey gold. Most of the players that were on the US olympic team were born in Canada and Canada, as a country, has devoted far more time to winning than the USA. Canada was a better team and has consistently had a better team. They woulnd't have needed a miracle on ice to get the gold.

  • Of course they did.

    If the Canadians beat the United States of America in hockey for the gold, they obviously deserved it. Who cares how they got there, or why, or if they were underdogs. They won the game, so there's no real arguing that they weren't deserving of the spot or chance to.

  • Here's the thing about sports.

    They are a competition. The basis of a competitive game is that one team tries to beat the other. The fact that Canada won means... THEY WON. It had nothing to do with anything prior to the game, they just won. I'm sorry if you're a US whiner who's like "America DESERVED TO WIN!" Well too bad. That's how sports work. One team beats another. One team puts more effort than the other. One team wins because it wins.

  • No, they didn't.

    I can't say that either team deserved to win the gold in hockey. The team that deserved the gold medal was the team who won it. If a team wins, unless there is foul play and cheating, then they deserve the win and we shouldn't say that another team deserves it more just because we like them.

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