Did Carly Rae Jepsen make a good decision to drop the Boy Scout concert over its anti-gay policy?

  • I agree with her doing what feels right

    I know a lot of you are going to say stuff like 'oh not every kid may have been for that' but honestly I don't think it's fair if people are going to tell off others for being what they want to be. Carly Rae Jepsen isn't necessarily doing the right thing for completely lacking out but it is better than letting these people know that it is ok to be against gays. 😊

  • Yes, because her fan base is young and younger individuals are more likely to support gay rights

    Given that Carly Rae Jepsen's music is most frequently enjoyed by a demographic that also is more likely to favor than disfavor gay rights, this is a good business decision. Making a public stand for equality may even gain her new fans from among those who would otherwise be unable to get past mediocrity of her music.

  • Yes, Because She Would Be Hippocrite Otherwise

    If she disagreed with the Boy Scout's anti-gay policy, she shouldn't be willing to take money or show public support for the organization. She deserves to be praised for standing up for she believes in. Someday, perhaps, the Boy Scouts will eventually learn that they are clearly on the wrong side of gay equality issues.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Yes, because she is standing up against bigoted behavior.

    Carly Rae Jepsen made a good decision to stand up to the Boy Scouts. They have a history of discriminating against gays and generally bigoted behavior. She made a good decision to use her fame and platform to publicly denounce their anti-gay stance. She was able to bring to light this issue in a way that not many people could have.

  • I don't think politics and such should interfere with music.

    She's just as bad as the musicians that rant about politics at their concerts. People don't pay money to hear them rant, they pay for the music. I don't think she's right for canceling a concert for a bunch of children that were really hoping to hear her. How does she know that every kid even shares that exact belief?I think its cruel and unfair to the kids.

  • She should stay out of politics.

    However, it hardly matters. She's just another shallow performer acting in a typical robotic, formulaic manner to popular rhetoric. She should have just played her music, which is what she is paid to do, and not deliver political talking points. There's already plenty of people doing that, and the Boy Scouts hardly care what her opinion is anyway.

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