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  • No, Palmer's outfit did not break any rules.

    While perhaps not the most visually pleasing, Carson Palmer's donning of a bikini top and grass skirt during team warmups as a result of a lost bet with teammates did not break any rules. His attire did not violate the team's professional standards, in fact, official team social media accounts promoted the act as players having fun with each other. Palmer did not present himself in a way that broke any laws, nor was his behavior indecent, in my belief.

  • Carson Palmer entertains the world with his birthday suit

    On his 36th birthday, the Arizona quarterback took the field for warmups wearing, well, a skimpy bikini top and grass skirt — possibly an homage to the Pro Bowl, which he was honored with for a third time last week. According to the team’s Twitter account, the resurgent gun-slinger lost a weekly bet among the Cardinals’ signal callers, which prompted the outfit that helped to accentuate his biceps and a belly flap that is just beginning to peek out. Social media up roared with thousands of people showing they're amusement for the man's actions.

  • No, Palmer was within bounds with his "birthday suit."

    Carson Palmer did not overstep boundaries with his "birthday suit." Instead, it was a humorous event for himself and viewers. He wore a bikini top, shorts, and a grass skirt and was mostly covered up. The reason for his skimpy get-up was simply because of a bet that he had lost earlier.

  • No he didn't

    Carson Palmer has had a good enough year to do whatever he wants with his birthday suit. He's earned it! I have no problem with what he did with his birthday suit. Let him do what he wants to do and let's focus on more important issues. Carson Palmer can do what he wants.

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