• Lies, Lies, Lies and More Lies.

    4 year olds call 911.

    No one would fail to call 911 over a pool accident.

    No one.

    She was the only one caught in lies to police - George wasn't.

    Shame on the judge for allowing a loser from the lowest ranked law school in Florida to make an opening statement about incest and pool accidents without being able to offer so much as a shred of objective proof.

  • Guilty as Hell!

    What kind of mother doesn't report her kid missing right away? She waited 31 days to report that her daughter was missing. I strongly believe Casey killed her daughter. Poor Caylee didn't deserve this and she died not getting any justice for her death. Casey lied her way out of this mess. Casey may have gotten away with killing her daughter here on earth, but the real justice will be with the almighty God. She will face a angry God when Judgement come upon her. I hope she enjoy the ride on a greased pole straight to HELL!!

  • Yes, she definitely did.

    I have not followed the case in much depth, but what I have heard is that every clue and every piece of evidence turns directly towards this cruel and awful woman that most certainly did murder her 2 year old daughter. IN court, she laughed when the judge was talking about her death. She had never shown any emotion during which her daughters death was discussed, and she should have reported her daughter the moment she went missing. Clearly she has killed Caylee, and clearly she is a terrible monster of a woman.

  • She is guilty.

    The only reason she got away with the murder was the sob story that she was molested. She wanted to party. As A mother if she actually loved that little girl she would have given her up or changed her ways. And she would have reported her missing bAby the first moment she was gone. She is also a proven liAr and mAnipulator.

  • Partying was more important for her than the life of her daughter

    Casey Anthony was a lost cause; she gave birth to a baby she wouldn't be able to care for because she rather party. Why not at least give the baby up for adoption? Caylee would of been better with her grandparents or another family instead of being killed by her own mother because her mother wanted to party. I will always consider Casey Anthony guilty for the death of her 2 soon to be 3 year old daughter. Caylee Anthony would've been 10 this year.

  • A woman who got away with murder

    She killed her kid and got away with it because of a brain dead jury. You don't have to have even 2 brain cells to know she killed her child. The justice system is highly corrupt and flawed to let this woman walk free from this. However, there is solace in knowing that if this witch takes one step out of her home into public, she will be attacked/shot/killed. Let's hope there's some sort of justice of Caylee.

  • She Killed her daughter

    She was known to lie her whole entire life. She was a party type of person. Liked going out and drinking and dancing with other people. She did not want to have a child because it was refraining her from having fun. Casey's mother said that Casey's car smelt like there was a dead body in it. Then later on a man found a body in the woods by Casey's home. SHE KILLED HER DAUGHTER. END.OF.STORY. She lied to police because she is crazy. How could someone ever get away with something like this????

  • I agree with the others

    This should have been a hands down case, she should of been arrested or the death penalty. Theres no way that I believe she was innocent, and this right here about Casey Anthony was not innocent, she was a manipulative liar and she thought that if she gave the jury police a million lies then she would have nothing to fear, because shes covering it up with the truth to what really happened, this little girl should have justice and she wont because the legal system let her down. :( R.I.P babygirl, Casey Anthony should be locked up for good. She basically got away with Murder, and its sad that this woman is free and not paying for what she done, what kind of mom was she? Not to report her daughter missing the day of or day after? Clearly shows she didn't care to report it or care for her daughter..... Just B.S.. Just saying.

  • Completely agree with the others

    She should have been arrested, but instead shes running around doing her own thing, partying and not feeling a bit guilty about it. Its sad to see that this little girl cant get justice to what had happened to her and having a careless mother. Casey Anthony should not be aloud to have any more kids after this.. What type of mother doesn't report her daughter missing the night of or day after.?? That tells us right there she doesn't care about her daughter.. I still think they should lock her up, she doesn't deserve to be free or even to live after this..Just b.S.

  • I thought she was found guilty

    Only recently did I see that she was out and about instead of jail. I thought to myself, really? The blood and decomposing in the car, hidden body in the forest, the partying neglectful mother. The lying to police. It is obvious that she had a hand in the death of her daughter whether intentional or not. Stuff like this where O.J. Simpson gets off, Justin Bieber can drive a 150 miles an hour in a lambo, and a neglectful mom can kill her daughter just because a jury cannot prove beyond a doubt that it happened.

  • Caylee AND Casey Were Victimized By The State of Florida

    Casey worked for a KNOWN International Drug Smuggler & Child Kidnapper by the name of Peter Benevides, in Orlando Florida, performing illegal activities. She was busted in the process of working for Peter, and forced to turn evidence against him, so that OCSO could confiscate $144 MILLION dollars in cash, gold, & vehicles from Peter B.

    Whats funny is the whole time a case was being built against PB, Casey was kept in isolation in jail & OCSO purposefully put out false information about Caylee & Casey to "secure" a public conviction...To make it look like she was a murderer...In reality, they were keeping her safe until PBs conviction & imprisonment... & her "Slam Dunk Trial" proved to be the biggest farce of the year!

    Fast forward to today~ PB has a 35 year conviction, Orange County Florida has a $144 Million Deposit in their account & Casey is free as a bird, with all of her damning actions being revealed as LIES concocted by OCSO!

    Why not do some real homework, like looking in COURT RECORDS, instead of STILL blindly spewing spoon fed lies from the Media???

    Casey was RIGHTFULLY ACQUITTED & is being nicely compensated for playing "A Killer Role" in a nasty Social Justice Experiment~ & yes, I'm even going All-In & betting that Caylee is not really dead either~ But again, that would require one to follow court records & not public opinion~

  • No, she was acquitted.

    I haven't followed this case in detail, but I think once a person is acquitted then it is time to give up the blame on them and let the police force continue to investigate. For whatever reason, the viewing public seemed almost certain that she had done it and vilified her horribly. Myself, I think she does know what happened to her daughter and is involved in her daughter's death, but no one can really say who killed the little girl without proof. If there had been enough evidence in the case the tide of public opinion was certainly eager to convict her. We have to abide by the decisions of our legal system as being a just outcome, otherwise there would be no purpose for an innocent person to even go to court. Since she was acquitted, we can hold whatever private beliefs we want, but she needs to be presumed innocent.

  • She did it

    When we no longer feel outrage at the violation/slaughter of innocence, when we become so hardened that we can no longer hear victims who call out to us from their very grave for justice and we turn a deaf ear, when hearts have been allowed to atrophy, then my friends it is a time that we should all be afraid. Very afraid as we will have become comfortably numb and God help us!

  • Man she dunnit

    She a dum. Why she gotta be dum. She a dum dum dum. She killed her baby. A baby. Not a kid. Dum. A baby. What a dum. She didnt even go to jail. Why. Dum. She did it. Wasnt no pizza. Damn bro. Even grandma spilled the beans. Dum

  • Casey has nothing to do with Kaylee's Death!

    I think the real perpetrator in all this was George Anthony, I mean other than being the prosecutions star witness, why wasn't George Anthony investigated also? Considering he molested his own daughter. And Karma is real, God knows George will get his! Are kaylee is alive which would make perfect since to the whole Casey Anthony Issue.

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