• Do Unicorns Exist?

    I understand the argument trying to be put across here: atheists don't believe in God despite the wide amount of 'evidence' and 'reason shown to them, so Strider97 is trying to mirror this stubbornness in regards to the evidence for Darwin's existence.

    The problem with his argument is simply that there is no serious doubt out there that Darwin existed, whereas there are thousands of different opinions on God, gods, or lack of gods altogether, so the debates are not at all comparable.

  • Wait what, are you mentally insane?

    Charles Darwin was a human being. Unlike your sky man, he was tangible, he had feelings, he had skin, he had bones, and he had ambitions. Your sky man is intangible, he has no feelings, he had no skin, he had no bones, and he had no ambitions (Well, by historical record, his followers started plenty of wars which caused the deaths of billions of innocent lives. Then yeah the thing did have ambitions if he did exist.) Strider, please check yourself into a mental hospital quick.

  • Wouldn't matter if he didn't

    In the evolution vs creation so-called debate, the existence of Darwin is in no way analogous to the existence of god.
    Scientific theories do not rest on the authority of the person(s) that originated them.
    Evolution theory would be on the same solid ground it is whether Darwin existed or not. The same cannot be said for creation 'theory'.
    I've been listening closely to the 'solid' information presented by creationists all my adult life and have yet to see anything even remotely convincing in favour of their case.
    I think I speak for most educated atheists when I say I would accept the existence of your god given sufficient evidence. We do not have a 'reject god' agenda. We just want sufficient evidence before we accept a claim.
    Congratulations on finding a way to ignore information that contradicts your beliefs. Your religious leaders must be very proud. If that doesn't work, try saying "I'm offended" and then walking away.

  • I think that the answer is fairly obvious

    Charles Darwin was a brilliant man who was most assuredly alive. There are records of him, people have written about him in diaries and letters and of course there is his famous book On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection. Darwin is not like a Biblical character such as Noah; Darwin definitely existed.

  • Yes he did

    We have eyewitness of him, pictures, relatives, descendants, and many other things that show Charles Darwin existed and was a real person. He was a real human, a scientist and naturalist who proved the theory of evolution. He is not some fictional character like those in the bible. He was a real scientist who made real scientific breakthroughs and discoveries. Comparable to einstien or newton.

  • Charles was a human being, of course he did.

    He was born, he grew up and he died; Just like any human being in the world. Unlike your "God" who was "never born" and "never will die". There is also many pictures of him, as a kid and as an adult. Meanwhile, there is only paintings of God flying and and angels flying around him.

  • Wake up and smell the evidence

    Umm, yeah right. All this evidence that was collected on the Galapagos Island appeared out of nowhere. Our current theory of evolution sprung up fully formed from the ground. And pigs can fly. What has the world come to? Of course Darwin existed! That's like saying that Shakespeare or Da Vinci or the dodo bird never existed! Come on, people. Soon, people are going to be saying that Osama bin Laden never existed because they haven't seen his birth certificate.

  • How is this a debate?

    Lets set aside any and all religious arguments for a moment. Charles Darwin was born on February 12, 1809. He attended the University of Edinburgh Med school, The University of Cambridge, he had ten children, and won three major awards and made major scientific discoveries. To say that Charles Darwin did not exist simply because you do not have an official birth certificate in your hand is absurd. There were little birth records kept in the 1800's and if this is the only reason you believe that Darwin did not exist then your opinion is largely erroneous. This is like saying that Harriet Tubman did not exist simply because records of birth were not kept for slaves. Similarly, you might as well believe that William Shakespeare was a hoax as well because there is no record of his birth, despite many of his works being studied in schools today.

  • Yes, but let's assume he didn't

    --. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .--
    Let's assume Charles Darwin didn't exist.

    ...What difference does it make? :P

  • Why does it even matter?

    Darwin isn't or wasn't special in any way. He doesn't or didn't have any magical powers or anything like that, and didn't claim to either. He just happened to have the right idea before anyone else did. It could as well have been Darwin's gardener who wrote down the theory and it would have been just as valid.

  • How does your own medicine taste?

    Its about time that Christians come out and beg the evidence for the existence of Darwin. Evolutionist(atheists) beg evidence for God, and when we give them solid information they turn a deaf ear. So to be stubborn, I have decided to give them a taste of their own medicine. No matter how much they try to convince me that Darwin existed I will simply ignore them. They can throw all sorts of evidence at me, but my opinion will stand solid regardless of the truth, because in the day that I gave them evidence and reasoning they ignored me so, I shall ignore them.

  • He was not real.

    As someone who values proof over blindness, I will not believe in the existence of Darwin until someone shows me his genuine birth record.
    Without a birth record, there is no proof he existed, so I am inclined to say no. For what I know, he might be just a fiction used to justify fake ideas about how the world works.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • Did Charles Darwin exist?

    May I remind the opposition to stop talking about Christianity and focus on the belief at hand. Stop stalling with the Christian belief and lets focus on the topic. If you want to debate God go somewhere else, but right now we are debating whether Darwin existed. Please stay on topic.

  • Obama invented him

    Obama "discovered" Darwin during 2007 in preparation for his campaign. He used this "scientist" to trick voters away from the non-lizardpeople chosen, John McCain. He lied to the masses to push his liberal commie neo-Islam agenda. If people cared to check the historical records they would find no mention of Charles Darwin before Adolf Obama invented him in 2008

  • Charles Darwin was invented by Obama

    Obama "discovered" Darwin during 2007 in preparation for his campaign. He used this "scientist" to trick voters away from the non-lizardpeople chosen, John McCain. He lied to the masses to push his liberal commie neo-Islam agenda. If people cared to check the historical records they would find no mention of Charles Darwin before Adolf Obama invented him in 2008

  • Communists invented Charles Darwin.

    The communists invented him because they are enemies of christ. They wanted people to believe humans were lobsters instead of from Adam so they lost hope and believed humanity was an accident. Hitler perpetuated this lie, which being the antichrist obviously gave him more of satans power. A blind nihilistic populi is easy to control. It's obvious Darwin never existed.

  • Charles Darwin is a hoax

    I said so I said so I said so I said so I said so I said so I said so I said so I said so I said so I said so I said so I said so I said so I said so I said so I said so I said so

  • Wheres your evidence?

    There is no mention of Darwin in the bible! It was Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Darwin. He was a conspiracy created by the government just like Australia. It makes me cry myself to sleep every night that there are people who still believe that Australia and Darwin exist!?!?!? Jesus help you!

  • Darwin's Existence a Hoax

    There is not of shred of secular evidence that Charles Darwin ever existed. Of course we have the Origin of the Species, but that was written by Charles Darwin. How can we trust that? No we must have evidence from his contemporaries who succeeded in murdering him and who wanted to blot out his legacy from the face of the earth, in order to affirm his existence. No we cannot accept first hand, eye witness, primary accounts to his life, death, and burial. That's ridiculous. Why would you ever do that? That makes too much sense. He might have existed 300 years ago to the people of that time period, but because we don't have direct access to any documentation 300 years later, we can safely assume that today he doesn't in our society. And we can't really know if he ever existed based our narrow criteria and search methods that is. However, if you truly wanted to determine His existence, you wouldn't even have to examine a history book, though you could find Him there as well.

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