• This sounds a bit crazy

    But cheerleading, which dates to at least the 70s maybe even the 60s started this whole rhyming theme song thing. Girls who have such spirit and attitude. I always say that a group of white girls invented this thing. It's pretty much they took poetry from their hearts and took it to public where they could show off.
    "Bring it On" is an awesome film!
    Hip hop is garbage. Poetry is beautiful.

  • Hip hop, rap and cheerleading aren't mutually exclusive, but...

    Cheerleaders on average do not rap. Leading a group in a cadenced cheer is not a rap. Cheerleaders *can* rap, but most often do not.

    The first rap was arguably written by Meredith Wilson in the late 50's.

    Also hip hop is art.

    Many bigoted and ignorant individuals cannot reconcile the artistic expression of impoverished and marginalized groups with their own intolerance, and therefore judge hip hop negatively, due to their pre-existing racial bigotries.

    If you think an entire genre of music has nothing of worth, you're probably bigoted in some way.

  • Hip hop is garbage? Get out of here!

    I don't think you understand hip hop culture. Used to be a bunch of people using rhymes to battle each other, so the whole braggadocio thing came naturally.

    Whatever film you're talking about where cheerleaders "rap" I'm sure is just fantastic. It's certainly not better than authentic hip hop, though.

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LogicalLunatic says2014-07-23T19:39:51.193
You mean to say "rape", right?
Adam2 says2014-07-23T19:55:40.710
No, rap.