Did Chick-fil-A do the right thing by pulling their funding from anti-gay organizations?

  • I believe its a persons right to do what they will with their money.

    I respect the CEO for voicing his opinion in a world where few can rise above the popular belief and stand for their opinion. But fact of the matter is, he's running a business and taking sides is almost always bad publicity. Is it worth bankruptcy (exaggeration) to not sell out? I would almost think so... but sometimes it is more logical to stand back and let things cool off.

  • Sure

    I am more neutral, but I don't care. Sure, it is their decision, so I will respect that. There is no "right thing."

  • They can only benefit from it, so yes

    People gave Chick-Fil-A so much hell not for being against Gay Marriage, but for donating millions and millions of dollars to organizations who fight and denounce gay Marriage. The fact that they gave up their funding, but still hold the same beliefs, and that everyone is cool with it shows that they did the right thing because everyone is satisfied with what they get, which is how fast food is supposed to work

  • Better for the Business

    In the long term, Chick-fil-A pulling funding from anti-gay organizations is better for their business. Gay rights are going to happen eventually, and I think Chick-fil-A realizes in the long term they will end up alienating a lot of their customers by supporting anti-gay organizations. Chick-fil-A will be more successful in the future now that they aren't involved with this issue, which is good because they have good food.

  • yes

    Hello look in the bible about sodom and gommorrah thats why we shouldn't support gays look what happened to them. The gays want rights now but soon the will want every one to be gay or be punished for not. Voice your opinion and argument please do it now right now.

  • Ignorant morons have the right to do as they please.

    Chick-fil-A should have stuck to their funding. This may have bankrupted them eventually as society became less ... word for stupid and ignorant, but they would have at least stuck to their views. I believe that ignorant people who are too far gone for civil life and reason still have a right to exist. It isn't the greatest solution, but it's the only humane solution.

    I disagree with random hate, but I think ignorant morons should be able to cling to their opinions until they decide to become educated. It's not the best solution, but I wish CEOs would stand for something other than money, for once.

  • Nope.

    They only pulled out because gay groups were discriminating against them, how non-bigoted! I really think they should have kept the policy, regardless of my views. So, no, not really. I guarantee if their president had never said anything, they would still have those policies. So, in short, they really did not "want" to change their policies, they where basically forced to do so.

  • Why is there no neutral stance?

    They didn't do the "right thing." They did what the consumers wanted.

  • Businesses have the right to not be liberal.

    In pulling funding from groups that support traditional marriage, Chick-fil-A allowed itself to be bullied by liberals activists and mayors. The company has the right to support whatever it wants. Attempts by the mayors of Chicago, DC, and Boston to ban new Chick-fil-A restaurants would have been ruled a violation of the 1st amendment (freedom of religion and speech). The massive show of support that came during this incident makes me think that daring to be Christian would not have killed Chick-fil-A. Also, they have great chicken and most liberals I know still ate there after the controversy.

  • Chick-fil-A made a mistake in pulling their funding from anti-gay organizations

    Chick-fil-A made a mistake in pulling their funding from anti-gay organizations. As a business it was a very stupid public relations move which would have been better handled quietly and with more tact. In a perfect world there would be a live and let live attitude but even in a crap world it is pretty stupid to rile the public on this subject.

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