• Yes he did

    Yes it was necessary so that we could be saved from our sins.
    " God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only son so that whoever believes in him may not be lost, but have eternal life." (John 3:16)
    If God had not sent his one and only sin we may never have known salvation.

  • Yes he did

    God created a plan called the plan of salvation. The key stone of this plan was Christ. In short, this plan allows us to be able to make mistakes and be forgiven of our sins by repentance through Christ. Christ came to earth so he could take on the sins of the world in the garden of Gethsemane. God is perfect and no unclean, spiritually, thing can enter the kingdom of God, heaven. So Christ "paid" for all of our sins through his suffering and then we ask for forgiveness through him so we can make it to heaven. We are only expected to meet him halfway in this plan now so we don't all fail in the quality of perfection. Please challenge me if you disagree because I would love to debate with you

  • He came to earth

    Jesus came to earth you can look it up in the Bible and there is proof of him the have the towle that was placed on his face when he was in his tomb. Try to explain all the miracles that he preformed to every one. He died for our sins and now we don't have to kill animals for sacrifices we can just pray for forgiveness.

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  • No Other Choice

    There was no other solution to the problem of sin then for a man to lead a perfect life and sacrifice himself. I believe Jesus was the only person capable of this, since he was 100% God and 100% man. Not to mention that he had a very strong motivation to do this.

  • The Lord Jesus has all power and therefore didn't have to come.

    He easily could have forgiven us all with his power but instead he wished to show his love for us and be with us so he could bleed for us. He abided by his own rules and standards when he said that there is no remission without blood. Thank you and may Jesus bless you.

  • He Actually Was Not Needed Here

    I don't believe...But lets say "god" is all powerful, perfect, etc., etc. The communication method used by this perfect being was probably the biggest mess he could have ever created in the universe. He drops some guy in the middle of the desert, during a time of limited understanding of the world around them and even greater limitation of the written word...And expects that his message is going to get through to everyone. I have always felt that this perfect being should have just programmed us with what we needed to know...No arguments, no miscommunication. The "believers" will jump on this with their "free will" argument...But if "god" has a plan for you and/or already knows what you are going to do...Free will is irrelevant. Instead we are stuck with endless debates, hundreds if not thousands of variations/understandings of his "word"...And no sign of this "god" that everyone believes is up there watching, caring and loves us.

  • Christ could have gone to Mars.

    Jesus (the fictional character) could have gone anywhere he wanted to. It is not necessary for him to come to Earth. Honestly, I feel the story would have been much better if Jesus went to Mars or maybe another habitable planet on a different solar system and we read about that. That's the awesome thing about books, the characters can do whatever you write them to do.

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