Did Clinton campaign workers intentionally misrepresent themselves as members of the National Nurses Union?

  • This Couldn't Have Been a Coincidence

    This absolutely was an intentional attempt at deception. The National Nurses Union wears red to EVERYTHING. Why else would the workers arrive wearing blue and then receive red shirts to put on over the blue shirts? It was done so that photos and videos from Nevada would make it appear that the National Nurses' Union has split their support between Clinton and Sanders.

    If this wasn't an attempt at misrepresentation, then why did the campaign workers switch back to their blue shirts so quickly when Sanders supporters called attention to it?

  • Agree, misrepresentation is a misunderstanding extended over time.

    A presidential campaign requires truth and transparency to be valid. If the campaign workers were identified as representing someone or something they did not, then it is the responsibility of the members of the campaign to clear up that misrepresentation. Allowing it to continue is dishonest, and shows rampant disregard for the truth, which could lead to major ramifications down the line. With that said, since neither the campaign workers nor the campaign organizers rectified the misunderstanding in a timely manner, it is a blatant, intentional misrepresentation.

  • Clinton campaign workers misrepresent themselves as members of the National Nurses Union

    While Clinton campaign workers may not have overtly presented themselves to be members of the National Nurses Union, the perception was clearly to indicate as much. This is anything but surprising coming from this campaign. It all starts at the top. The dishonesty starts there and runs down the chain.

  • Everything is a lie

    Hilary Clinton is as much a liar as a man cheating on his wife. From the job she did as secretary of state to the e-mail scandal. This woman is not to be trusted with the President position. It is no wonder her supporters and workers are also involved in shady scandals as well.

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