• Yes, Clinton had the DNC in the bag since the start.

    Hillary Clinton has always had the DNC in her back pocket since relinquishing her campaign for the Democratic Party's nomination to Barack Obama in 2008. Many knew that the DNC would reward Hillary with the nomination in 2016. The DNC worked in tandem with the Clinton campaign during her party's primary. She was given preferential treatment when it came to scheduling debates for the Democratic Party's primary. Also, there are close ties between Clinton and the DNC leadership.

  • It would appear that way.

    Hillary Clinton would seem to have been the DNC favorite from the very start of this grueling primary election. Even though she got strong competition from Bernie Sanders it always seemed that it was all about Hillary. Even with several scandals looming over her like a black cloud she still maintained the favorite spot.

  • Oh most definitely

    She is a hardened career politician and a stone-cold killer when it comes to dealings that matter. There was no way that Bernie stood a chance in hell to win the nomination. Like it or not, Clinton's will always persevere in the political arena when the chips are down for them

  • Yes, reminds me of First Lady Clinton's health care organization. She held it so TIGHTLY, no one but her selected few had any input, and then they tried to force the finished "design" on Congress.

    So we're going to take the word of an anonymous "Democratic adviser" that the DNC is holding fewer debates to favoring Clinton? Sorry, this reeks of CT. I agree that DWS is fairly useless as a DNC chair but I'm not prepared to believe that there is some kind of conspiracy to assist Clinton based on the word of one anonymous "adviser" who talked to Business Insider. An adviser who might have an agenda of his or her own for all we know. A right wing publication like Business Insider posts a piece that ALL Democratic campaigns refuse to respond to or comment on and I'm supposed to BELIEVE it?

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