• When the personal computer was developed.

    Yes, computer science had that one moment in time that changed everything, also known as the Sputnik Moment. That moment came when scientists had the brilliant idea that each person should and would want to own a computer in their own home. That is what revolutionized the industry and gave us the modern technology that we enjoy today.

  • Personal Computers Were Defining Moment for Technology

    Computer science had its "Sputnik Moment" when the personal computer entered into American homes in the early 1980s with IBM's first offering. Personal computing had been around for eight years, but no one bought them until IBM introduced its first model to the public that ran on an Intel processor. More than 30 years later, that "Sputnik Moment" has turned contemporary society into a technocracy where those who understand tech get better jobs than those who don't.

  • Yes, computers are everywhere.

    Yes, computer science had its Sputnik Moment, and did so years ago. A Sputnik Moment is a moment where an industry propels itself into the future. Computers used to be large, laborious, and only available for industry. Some people did not think that the personal computer would ever catch on. The Sputnik moment of the computer industry was the perfection of the home computer.

  • Computer science did have its "Sputnik Moment".

    Computer science did have its "Sputnik Moment". It is becoming a very hot college degree to have but I think that this has already happened. A sputnik moment defines our national security and our status. I do not know how much more of a sputnik moment computer science could have. We encourage future generations to be creative and that continues to happen.

  • Computer science has had its "Sputnik" moment.

    Computer science had its "Sputnik" moment with the invention of the home or personal computer. Virtually all technology development since has been aimed at the individual consumer and ways to make life more convenient and accessible to the individual. People can now work from home, track themselves on satellite, watch television via satellite, and easily access information.

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