Did Congress rightly fund Meals on Wheels when it passed the 2014 budget?

  • Yes, Meals on Wheels is a programs that works and helps a lot of people.

    One can claim that meals on wheels should not be the responsibility of the tax payer, but I would ask who will do it if not Meals on Wheels. One could say that that's not "my" problem. I disagree. There isn't much more to discuss about this issue. Either you value people other than yourself or you don't. There is no justification for selfishness.

  • Meals on Wheels keeps rolling along

    The important Meals on Wheels program received the full and compassionate support of the Congress which allocated $1.1 TRILLION dollars to them for 2014. This will ensure the continued work of over 5,000 local Meals on Wheels programs in the US. The program is dedicated to ending senior hunger in America and was rightly funded for 2014.

  • It's always right to help people.

    There's a war on the poor and the elderly going on in Congress right now. The fact that Meals on Wheels even survived such a hostile environment is a miracle in and of itself. While their funding in the 2014 budget isn't as good as it could be, it's better than nothing. Hopefully a future, kinder Congress will do a better job of helping our least fortunate.

  • Some Funding Better Than None

    Although Meals on Wheels was under-funded in the new 2014 budget passed by Congress, at least the charity got some revenue from the federal government during this round of funding bills. The government has stable sources of revenue through Sept. 30, 2014. When the next negotiations regarding the 2015 budget take place, hopefully Meals and Wheels will get a boost.

  • There are too many aid programs.

    No, Congress did not rightly fund Meals on Wheels when it passed the 2014 budget, because the Congress cannot afford all of the handout programs that it funds. With food stamps, Councils and Commissions on Aging, and social security, there are plenty of programs for elderly. There does not need to be one more program. Private organizations can take care of this.

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