• Yes, the evidence that Ross Harris killed his son is overwhelming.

    Ross Harris looked into the effects of heat on babies, specifically as regards what temperature and duration are necessary for a baby to die. In addition he switched Cooper into a rear-facing car seat that was too small for him for no explicable reason, other than that it provided the excuse that he forgot his son was in the car because he couldn't see him from the driver's seat. In addition his and his wife, Leanna's, behavior have strongly indicated that Cooper's death was planned. These facts seem to leave little room for reasonable doubt, so it seems to be true that Ross Harris murdered his son Cooper.

  • It seems so

    There are a few different media profiles of Harris. One is a loving father with a dream job and life, and the other is an unhappy person who wanted to get out of his marriage and be child-free. Either way, that baby was left alone in a hot car to suffer a horrible death.

  • Yes, I believe he did.

    The evidence in this case is disturbing and shows a father who did not seem to have a place in his life for his son. The constant sexting of girlfriends and the increase in life insurance shortly before his death, prove to me that he had planned this all along.

  • Yes, his actions seem to have been intentional.

    A jury will decide officially whether Cooper's dad murdered him. However, evidence about online research and comments made by the father support the notion that he planned the killing. Murder is the intentional killing of another person. Connecting the research to the act of leaving the boy in the car, it appears to have been murder.

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