• Yes They Did

    I believe the resistance of those evicted from Dale Farm did, to a degree, violate human rights. I believe it was right for the United Kingdom to perform the evictions because the condition we so bad, but in doing so they didn't offer the people any real alternatives, other than to go somewhere else and create the same problem.

  • No, I don't believe The Dale Farm eviction in the UK violated human rights.

    I believe that the United Kingdom Government was more then fair to Dale Farm's by wresting over legal issues for over 10 years with them, I believe in the end they were breaking the law and in the end had to be evicted, I don't believe the evicition violated any human rights.

  • They Had Warnings

    Travelers who camped at Dale Farm had 10 years of litigation to get ready for the eviction of 2011. Even though the eviction is unfortunate, it did not violate human rights as they knew what the possible outcome of litigation could be. Instead of bemoaning the situation, Travelers can learn to integrate more fully into mainstream European society or seek other places to travel.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that they violated any human rights at all. they did not take any of the basic rights that we have as humans away, like the right to free speech or any of those sort of things, they just evicted them off of their property which is fine.

  • Human rights were not violated

    The Dale Farm evictions in the United Kingdom did not violate anyone's human rights. The people that were evicted went through a tramatic experience that were bad for them, but in no way did they rise to the level of violating their human rights. The were done properly and cautiously.

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