Did Daniel Chong receive adequate compensation ($4.1 million) for being forgotten in a DEA cell for 5 days?

Asked by: JuliaD
  • I would have done it for $4.1 million

    I would have totally volunteered to be locked in that cell for 4 days for $4.1 million. $4.1 million is a lot of money. If he's frugal, he'll never have to work another day in his life. Say he spends $600,000 on a nice house and car(s), that's 3.5 million left. Even at 1% a year the interest on that is $35,000 a year, which is more than many people make. If it goes up to 1 and a half percent or 2 percent, he's upper middle class. Without touching the principal at all.

    There's very little I wouldn't do for a million dollars a day.

  • Based on a trustworthy source,

    Chong was locked up in a bare room with no windows for 5 days, without food, water, or a toilet (Don't forget about the toilet part). He the average human will become severely weakened in 2 days without water, and almost certainly die in 3 days. Chong survived by drinking his own piss (brace yourselves for the "drinking my own piss" meme). He suffered from kidney failure (no joke), and was diagnosed with PTSD (sometimes no joke).

    From a less trust worthy source, Chong attempted suicide on day 4 by breaking his glasses and trying to slit his wrist.

    Chong deserves compensation. As far as I know, kidney failure may require a transplant and has long lasting affects, and PTSD also has long lasting effects. The treatment over a life time alone could cost up to a few million dollars. This, compounded with the fact that even if he was locked up for only 2 days without charge, he could potentially sue the US government for settlements of 10 million dollars.

    This pathetic failure of the US government officials is costing tax payers another 4.1 million dollars. In my opinion, anytime the government f***s up like this, they deserve a serious pay cut.

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