Did Darren Wilson racially profile Michael Brown?

Asked by: Fanny
  • I believe so too.

    I don't see how people can think this is not about race. You think that it isn't a problem because race is not a problem for you. The fact that still remains is Mike is dead at the hands of officer Wilson. How can he go completely free without any charges? Mike Brown was shot six times. How is that not cruel and unnecessary? Why do you hold Mike accountable for his actions and not Darren? Where do you think the phrase "Hands up, don't shoot" comes from? Mike Brown said it before he was murdered and it proves that he was unarmed. This is flat out racism.

  • I believe so.

    Michael Brown in fact was shot in the police car before trying to run away. As Brown was injured, Wilson could have easily gone over and handcuffed him. Brown was running away. If a cop feels threatened by an injured 18 year old kid, then the cop really is not capable of being a cop. Would you feel threatened enough by a bleeding 18 year old running away from you that you have to shoot them multiple times? I think not, unless you felt that black people were 'dangerous'. And before anyone says anything, I'm a white British woman. I can just recognize racism and injustice.

  • Yes Yes Yes

    Darren Wilson followed the stereotype of 'black thug' to get away with the MURDER (and yes, I mean murder) of Michael Brown. The only witness had bad eyesight (couldn't see and the injuries didn't match the story. Michael Brown did not attack Darren Wilson and yet the media has called him a black thug. Also, if he felt 'threatened', why not use a tazer? Isn't that standard procedure for murders? Stop letting race cloud actions and judgement because if Darren Wilson was black and Michael Brown was white, Darren Wilson would face a life sentence.

  • I feel bad for anyone who says yes.

    Black on white racial killings and attacks are so much more common than white on black racial attacks and killings. Chris Lanes killed posted racist tweets about white people before shooting the white Australian dead. That's racial profiling. A white cop trying to stop a black from walking on the street and defending him self is not. He pulled him over because he had robbed a store and than shot him after brown tried to grab his gun and charged him. Done. Case closed. It was an act of self defense.

  • It's a policeman's job to defend himself and the country.

    If a big man who has just finished robbing a store and harassing the clerk comes charging at you, an armed police officer, the body's natural response is either fight or flight. Police officers are trained to take action on a possible threat, hence Wilson defended himself. This complication has nothing to do with racial profiling. Wilson would have acted in the exact same way if the target was a white male, white female, black female, etc. A police officer's job is to defend the country and himself.

  • Nothing racial about it until the forsaken media smother you with biased nonsense.

    If events like this are such a big "racial" issue, then why is there virtually no coverage by the media of ANY black-on-white crime? Exactly. "Because that isn't racist." And the SINGLE reason white-on-black crime is "more racist" is because of the HYPE the media puts on it. If the media/whomever want you to believe something, these days, all they need to do is create a mob-mentality of radical emotions for the community by stirring up enough hype. It's sad how illiterate and stupid people are these days.

  • He had every right

    It didn't matter what race he was, Wilson was just protecting himself. It shouldn't even matter about race. Brown threatened him, so he had the right to kill him. It's really that simple. If you don't want to die, don't attack cops, or anyone, for that matter. I have no idea why people are turning this into a race thing.

  • There was a zero evidence that the cop intently profiled Mr. Brown.

    Mr. Brown wasn't someone that walked innocently. He was walking against the traffic that could endanger his life. Instead, he went towards the cop, and then started charging him. He feared nobody. He didn't sense that someone could harm him. He had no respect to anybody. Now, he left pain to his family. No matter how the justice is serve, he is gone.

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