Did David Ortiz deserve to be named World Series MVP?

  • David Ortiz WS MVP

    Without a doubt, David Ortiz was the World Series Most Valuable Player for the Boston Red Sox in 2013. He hit tons of home runs and drove in plenty of runs throughout the postseason. His performance in the World Series was legendary and helped cement his place in the lore of the Red Sox Nation.

  • Yes, David Ortiz deserved to be named World Series MVP.

    Yes, David Ortiz deserved to be named World Series MVP. Ortiz was able to get on base a remarkable 19 times out of 25 chances at the plate, He had a batting average of .688, and a 1.948 on base percentage. Both of those being the second highest in the history of the World Series.

  • Yes, he made the most contributions.

    Yes, David Oritz deserved to be named World Series MVP, because he was most instrumental to the team's success. It is more important that a player be able to contribute to the success of the team and be a leader on the field, than that they necessarily convert the most plays. David Oritz was a team leader and deserved the MVP.

  • David Ortiz deserved to be named World Series MVP.

    David Ortiz deserved to be named World Series MVP. He was spectacular all season and he should and was named MVP. He has received the award before and I think he deserved it this time too. I hope he continues to play the game the way that he does and improves.

  • Yes, he did

    Uehara and Lester both could have had a case for them deserving it, but Ortiz was virtually impossible to get out during the World Series. That in itself is enough to give him serious consideration, it's a no-brainer when coupled with the fact that a lot of the Red Sox lineup wasn't hitting at all. The Red Sox had no chance in that series without Ortiz.

  • He deserves it

    He real good sometimes although not all the time maybe. Sometime he play good, but then at the other time whilst not playing real good, he may play not all the good like before. Sometimes he only play kinda good, but at the same time he play really very good!

  • Of course he did,

    Based on all numbers and facts available at the time, there is no contest to why anyone else should get it above him. While there is a legitimate questions and concern as to if he took performance enhancing drugs to achieve these results, until he is found to have taken them, he should be treated as if he hasn't. Should it be found out later, they can always strip him of it at that point.

  • Yes, David Ortiz deserved to win the MVP

    He deserved to win the Mvp title due to his ability to come into the clutch multiple times. His final post season batting average was remarkable, and he is easily considered one of the greatest post season players alive today. Im just surprised that the Cardinals continued to pitch to him the entire series.

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