• Somewhat

    The Democrats won in a sense, but really only because people hate the Republican party even more now than they already did before this. The Democrats themselves don't have much to be proud about here, everybody involved did a bad job. They come out looking better only due to how abysmal their opposition is.

  • No, no one won that fight

    No one one this fight. The fiscal cliff was going to be something that everyone was going to have to give room on for it to work. I agree that everyone in this did a bad job and I would of rather seen more non partisan working for a solution but no one wanted to go that far.

  • No one won that fight.

    There was never going to be a clear winner in the fiscal cliff fight. There was too much on the table, and everyone was going to have to give in, or give up something they wanted. They achieved some of their goals, but I wouldn't call it a clear cut win for either party.

  • The Democrats Did Not Win

    The Democrats did not win the fiscal cliff fight. I say this because not much has changed in the country's debt and how taxes are distributed in this country. The United States still does not have a tax system that will raise enough money to cover all of our expenses. Due to this, we all lost, the Democrats included.

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