• Yes they did, and it's time they give Greenland up

    While England clearly had the biggest empire amongst Northern Europeans, Denmark also was equally as bad. There was a tragedy in which Danish troops separated Inuit families, and perhaps shot and jailed those who didn't follow the orders in an attempt to steal resources. It was the subject of a recent film called "Experiment" (in the Danish language). They were very brutal during slavery in their colony of St Crioux.

  • No, we treated them as equals - as brothers

    Why would people say we treated them bad when we have given them our health care, education and technology? Not to speak about raising the standards of living... When Greenland became a county of Denmark in 1953, the aid to raise standards of living, education and healthcare further increased dramatically. Your point is absolutely invalid, Sire. Research some more before you insult my kind.

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