Did/Does the grading system implemented at public schools rob the joy of your learning experience away?

Asked by: ryan98
  • As a high school student, I could never agree more.

    School is supposed to be a happy place where you should enjoy your learning experience. Instead, students like me constantly worry about our grades, and it gets to the point where all students care about are their grades, not what they learn. I believe that this is a serious thing, and it needs to be changed. School is no longer about learning, but instead about what grades you get.

  • Yes, grades these days are based on memory skills.

    Instead of having a "fun" learning experience, we know get the opposite in which you get tested on how you obtain the information instead of what you actually know. The grading system in North America are all the same. Every test you get are all identical. They may not be word for word but its base are all the same. Each student are pressured to study information in such a way that it takes the fun out if it. Reading a book over and over just for a test is ridiculous.

  • Stress hurts the student.

    I had a friend in my school. He was a straight "A" student like me. But one day he got a "C" on his test. His grade dropped to a "B", and he got depressed. He started skipping school and sleeping in class. The "B" was on his record forever, and he wanted to go to Yale. The grade system implements stress upon students.

  • Ugh, I hate them

    Grades its what students most worry about. When my grades fell down the drain, I was very sad, angry and stressed. Take the grades away and its all fun and games. But put these grades into action and you'll see a bunch of stressed and angry-at-the-teacher students. Grades are one of the most hated things at school.

  • I am inbetween

    Grades are important. Without them, (as previously stated) people would no longer have the motivation to learn. The value if education would fade overtime. But, grades really need to mean less then they do. Grades are what get you jobs, but how reliable are they? Not very. For example. I was denied a job as a technician because I had an F in my computer class. I did all my assignments, scored 85-100 on the tests, even did some extra credit here and there. So why did I have an F? The teacher didn't like me. She even told me that is why it was when I confronted her about it. I told her it shouldn't matter, and I lost a job because of it. Next trimester, I had another F, and still no job.

  • Grades are misused

    People love to make the argument that "You should work for this one letter" the original intention of letters in the first place was to show how something improves. Crop A vs Crop B. The way it's being used now is basically that you have to be perfect. There should be room for error, in fact, encourage students to make mistakes, and show the mistake and how to avoid and why. Not tell them that the smallest margin of error will mean your life, people aren't machines, and that mentality is why people ARE being replaced by machines.

  • I love school but hate grades

    My sky is already bending with the constant pressures of being a teenager and the grading system pushes it even further down to the point where it's going to shatter over me so when it comes to stress of getting either A's or F's on finals I can honestly say I wish I could skip school, this is why I hate the grading system.

  • Why I love school, but hate the stress

    School is incredible, I simply love it, but when it comes down to the pressure of grades I can honestly say I wish I could skip because my sky is already bending with the pressures of everything else in my teenage life, and the stress of grades pushes it down even more to the point where it is getting ready to shatter over me, and i still have another year of high school to go. Oh how I love school but hate stress.

  • Yup sure can...

    Many grade school students focus so much on making the grade to pass that it can be stressful and takes away the joy of learning. Luckily in college, professors can come up with their own grading system for the course they teach, and many of them can make learning more enjoyable. At least in my experience anyway.

  • It is ineffectual:

    We have loads of evidence that backs this. The best school system in the world (Finnish) doesn't use the concept of grades and gradients and standarized testing like the rest of the world does and in the most progressive programs relating to education the same thing happens to be true.

  • School is designed solely on learning.

    Grades identify where your strengths and weaknesses are. Learning can actually be fun if you applied yourself and made yourself more willing to learn and then your grades would follow as a result. It is the individuals fault if their grades make them unhappy. How you do in school has a direct correlation to how your grades will be. So as simple as it is, do the work, study, and your grades will be up. Don't blame a letter for your inability to have fun in school.

  • Depends on YOU

    You might feel so when you are IN school, but once you are done schooling, when you reflect back I don't think you'd think of school as a pain.

    I'm in high school and I know the pressure grades put on a student. But if there were no grades, most people wouldn't bother to learn anything at all. Just because you are graded for what you learn, doesn't mean you can't make 'learning' itself fun, interesting and a worthwhile experience.

    Even though grades matter in the end, if you did bother to make an effort to learn in the way you'd like, the way you'd actually understand and like the various subjects you're taught. If you did, your grades would never have been a problem.

    It absolutely depends on how you decide to use the 4 years at high school you have - a wonderful experience topped with success or a long nightmare interrupted by lots of excuses

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