Did Donald Trump inflict the coronavirus on himself?

  • I don't see why not

    It would have been quite the tactical move on his part to have done so, Making himself that much more human to his constituents and all at the same time while defusing the idea that corona was ever something to fear as much as the other side has continuously led people to believe.

    But supposing it was not intentional per se, Its every bit as conscious a decision to expose yourself to it by going around haphazardly as it is to try and get it in the first place. . . At least as far as the tinfoil-hat-esque mask wearers are concerned.

  • Donald Trump inflicted the coronavirus on him Self.

    He knew about the virus and said every thing was under control and not a problem. The Pandemic was running very rough on China they locked down all business confined everyone to their homes except to obtain food while all the while they allowed air travel to the United States, Europe and across the World and denied the existence of the disease. During this time Trump was giving praise to China and the World Health Organization while his own adviser were warning him of the epidemic. He was finally persuaded to Stop air flights from China. China while fully closing down their own country protested the U. S. Ban on China air travel.
    In doing so, China both violated international law and knowingly caused the disease to spread to other counties. Trump was then persuaded to shut the economy down for 15 days. This was not enough time to stop the spread and he was persuaded to shut it down for another 30 days. Trump blamed China and the World Health Organization for the outbreak and began to refer to it as the China Pandemic. He never really wanted to shut the economy down. Just let the people die and the epidemic will go away by it self. Unfortunately for him, His non-support for Health measure and his continuation of election rallies resulted in him self, And his wife, Included in the 7 million U. S. Citizens to contract the disease. Even know after 200, 000 people have given up their lives the President fails to take the necessary actions to slow the disease.
    While the president refer to his coronovirus decease as a mild case actually it is sever. He has been given some un-proven trial medications that may prove to be beneficial?

  • He would never miss his election campaigns

    He loves to hear his name and wanted to project manliness and toughness and not cowardice.
    He made fun of Biden for staying in a basement so I think he is angry that he has to isolated.

    Still this is not some deep state conspiracy. If it was they would have made it to look like he died choking on a hamburger at 3:00 in the night. Or they could have done the old heart attack with a cheeseburger wrapper next to his side. Or falling down the staircase.

    Many trump supporters do not even believe the virus exists or is not even dangerous. Why would their hero suddenly have an imaginary flu? Q ball logic contradiction detected.

  • Careful, " The Next one will be worse"

    The demonic Facui guy stated there will be a virus during Trump's Presidency. They are all Jesuits, Working toward the same goals. The worst person will be elected, No matter who it is to win.
    Https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=bEWJzPytMq0 - Predictive Programming, Agenda 21, Jesuit Propaganda - Etc.
    Https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=DqkosdRK-R0 - Democrats True Face for those thinking Voting Helps

  • Corona is everywhere

    Coronavirus has hit many people across the world and everyone is not immune until the vaccine comes out. Masks help slow the spread and those not wearing them are more likely to catch so yes he inflicted it of himself even though he could have gotten it anyway no matter how cautious.

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